5 Ways an Outdoor Storage Shed Can Save You Money

You already know that an outdoor storage shed will finally help you get organized and improve your quality of life. You also know that our team at New England Rent to Own makes shed buying easy with no credit checks, prepayment penalties or pad needed and free delivery in New England. What you might not yet realize is that a new outdoor storage shed can actually save you money! Here’s how.

1. Skip buying a new house

Are you so fed up by your lack of space that you’re about to enter a hot real estate market? Maybe the answer to your problem is a simple one! An outdoor storage shed can provide the extra room you always wished you had. Even better, it’s separate from your home which makes it the perfect choice for things you’d rather keep at a distance (think your teen’s band practice).

2. Avoid costly repairs and replacements

Furniture cushions, shovels, rakes, hoses and fertilizer would be a pain to replace after a beating from wind, rain, and snow. Replacing mowers, weed whackers and ATVs is just plain expensive. Each of these purchases and more can be kept safely inside an outdoor storage shed.

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3. No office rental needed

If you’ve considered renting office space across town, you may want to put those monthly payments towards something you will actually end up owning instead. An outdoor storage shed is the perfect place to work remotely or operate a small business. It eliminates major drawbacks of working from home (noise and distractions) and keeps the perks (zero commute, lax dress code). Besides, in the midst of COVID sticking close to home is a good idea.

4. Say goodbye to pricey storage units


Image source: neighbor.com

There’s a reason why there are more storage unit facilities than Starbucks, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pizza Hut and Wendy’s restaurants combined. People are running out of space and the self storage industry does well for itself with steep monthly bills and fees. According to Sparefoot, the average monthly price for a 10x20 unit is $138.06, or over $1650 per year.

Over the long run that adds up, especially if you consider the inconvenience of storing items across town and security issues. Not to mention that your items can be taken by the storage facility if you miss a rent payment.

Fortunately here in New England, most of us have a bit of land to place an outdoor storage shed instead of relying on a pricey storage unit rental like many city dwellers. Instead of renting a storage unit from someone else, you can rent to own your own outdoor storage shed that can be conveniently accessed in your backyard.

5. Prevent divorce?

Okay, okay, this may sound like a steep claim for a storage shed – hear me out though. Have you ever heard “familiarity breeds contempt”? How about “distance makes the heart grow fonder”?

Even the most smitten of couples need a bit of space. Whether it be a she shed, man cave, or a quiet home office, a storage shed can provide you with that much-needed space. Besides, you don’t have many other options with COVID confining many of us to our homes.

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Less repairs, more space, a happier marriage – need we say more? Contact us today to order the outdoor storage shed of your dreams!

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