Distracted working from home? You need a backyard office shed!

Perhaps you got by without a home office prior to the Coronavirus, but there’s nothing like your entire family home from work and school to make you reevaluate that set up. It’s hard enough eliminating distractions in an office around other adults who are supposed to be working, let alone kids and pets who don’t quite understand what it means to work remotely. If a laptop at the kitchen table isn’t cutting it, you need a backyard office shed!

Improved family relationships

We’re not claiming a backyard office shed can save your marriage or anything… well, actually we are. Any of us who have spent the last month quarantined at home with significant others, kids, and pets, fully understand why space is healthy in relationships. Everyone needs a little area to call their own.

If you find yourself about to lose it over the way your spouse leaves dishes to “soak” in the sink indefinitely, puts toilet paper rolls on the holder the wrong way, rips open bags that have built in openings, leaves toothpaste globs in the sink, and chews/sneezes/yawns/snores… it may be time to spend your working hours in a detached office.

A little peace and quiet

Imagine this, you’re in the middle of a Zoom video chat with your boss and a client. Now it’s your turn to pitch the new idea you’ve been working on for months. Just as you start in on your presentation, your two kids burst through the door to tell you about a giant fly they caught in the kitchen. Certainly an exciting announcement, but not one that helps with your focus or your professionalism.

If your employer is more understanding of interruptions throughout this time (which they really should be) you won’t have to be too concerned about repercussions from unexpected announcements. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt productivity to have a private area to work free of distractions. A backyard office shed is completely detached from the house meaning you won’t be disturbed by loud noises in the next room over either.

Demonstrates that you’re a go-getter

Who would you rather give a promotion? The person on video chat from their kid’s Elmo themed room with a dog yapping in the background or the one in a dedicated home office? While we all understand desperate times call for desperate measures, a go-getter goes above and beyond to make the best out of any situation. Another option: you design a home office inside while your kids and partner convert your shed into a homeschool room or outdoor playhouse.

Either way, don’t be this guy next time your boss asks to video chat.

We may face similar situations in the future

At the risk of sounding like a scaremonger, it’s likely we’ll face another round of Coronavirus and there’s no telling what other events could cause us to stay home. At a minimum, it’s wise for any New Englander with the ability to work remotely to have a backyard office shed ready to go so they don’t have to brave the roads in Nor’easters.

Whether to save your sanity now as you work from home due to Coronavirus, or to prepare yourself for similar situations in the future, you won’t regret organizing a more permanent remote set up. Contact us today to order a backyard office shed of your own!

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