5 Reasons to Start Your Business in a Storage Shed

What do Ikea, Dyson, and Disney have in common? Each one began in a shed. Taking on a mountain of debt to build or rent a fancy office is the last thing anyone needs with a business in its infancy. As the founder of Dyson once said, “Nobody wants the expenditure of a lease on a factory which lasts 21 years. You can’t plan 21 years ahead.” Here are just a few reasons to start your business in a storage shed.

Storage Shed

Think a storage shed would be too small to start your business in? Check out the humble beginnings of Ikea.

1. More privacy

We all love our kids, pets, and significant others, but they can be distracting when you’re working. Family and work don’t mix well and both can suffer if you don’t take measures to keep them separate and maintain work-life balance.

If you had a woodworking business, for example, it could even be a hazard to work within your home. Tools that could be picked up by curious little hands can instead be kept safely out of reach in a storage shed. Unless you’re running a daycare, pretty much any business is better off-limits from small children.

Hilarious to watch, but a worst nightmare for anyone who has worked from home.

2. Added convenience

If your storage shed is located in your backyard, you really can’t beat the convenience of working steps from home. Roads are covered in ice and snow? No problem. Don’t feel like wearing a blazer? Nobody on the conference call ever has to know you’re sporting footy pajamas.

Let’s not forget that time is money. Some high earners with a commute hire a private driver so they can work during the ride. Don’t waste time and energy driving, stuck in traffic, or risking an accident when you can be investing it into your business.

3. Economical

Not everyone has a fortune to start their business with. Fortunately, with a good idea and dedication, you don’t have to! Sheds are significantly less expensive than the traditional lease or purchase of a space. Whether you purchase a storage shed outright or take advantage of an affordable rent to own program like the one we offer, you’ll have a leg up on competitors that have burdened themselves with superfluous expenses.

4. Relocatable

Found a better area to operate your business from? Perhaps you moved and want to take your business with you. A storage shed is relocatable and can be placed in most areas and on most terrains.

5. Versatility

If your business expands and grows out of your storage shed, or plans change, you doubtless have many other uses in mind for the space. When properly maintained, your shed will be around for years to come and may be homebase to any number of great ideas.

By now, it should be clear that sheds can be used for so much more than storing rakes and shovels. For more ideas, check out our post 6 Surprising Ways to Use an Outdoor Shed.

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