*NEW* Rent to Own Garages: We’ve got you covered Maine!

You awake at 5 AM to the soothing sound of your alarm clock blaring. Drawing back the curtains, you spy a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground. Charming in paintings, movies, and Christmas songs, not so charming on your vehicle… over a thick sheet of ice. As you rush out the door, late to work, you scramble to put on gloves and chip away at the glacier on your car. Finally, you inch out the driveway with a foggy windshield and nearly frostbitten fingers.

Unless this is a scenario you look forward to every winter (on the 537 days it snows each year in Maine), your ears might perk up at four wonderful words: Rent to own garages. Yes! That’s right. Here at New England Rent to Own, we’re thrilled to now offer our rent to own program on 2 car garages (Maine only)! Please see our Facebook post below for details.

As you probably know, there are plenty of reasons beyond snow-free vehicles to invest in rent to own garages. Here are just a few of the benefits garage owners enjoy:

Room to spread out

If you’ve struggled with your sanity like many of us in this COVID lockdown, rent to own garages provide you with yet another escape from the confines of your home. You can even use the extra space as a home office, workshop, playroom, or temporary homeschool space (the kids could use a change of scenery too). Let’s not forget the classic destination for band practice – there is nothing like a set of noisy drums in the house when you’re trying to rest or focus on office work.
Easier maintenance and cleaning

A rainy Saturday with no plans? The perfect time to detail your vehicle or tackle vehicle maintenance… if you have a garage. An added benefit, you can work on your project in peace without inviting drop-ins to see what you’re tinkering on.

Safety and security

Depending on where you live and your community, security may be a concern. It takes one vandal to do a number on your vehicle – whether it’s theft, scratching your paint, or slashing tires. These senseless acts, perhaps more common than you’d think, aren’t covered by most basic insurances since the damage was not caused by another driver.

Protect assets from the elements

Besides protection from theft and vandalism, rent to own garages protect your vehicles, tools, and equipment from the elements. If you’ve been living in Maine without a garage thus far, nobody needs to explain to you that harsh winters and sun rays, rain and wind in the summer can take a toll on anything left uncovered.

Increased curb appeal and home value

There’s something about a two-car garage that upgrades a “starter home” into a “forever home”. Without one, a house tends to look a bit incomplete and temporary. Besides increasing your home value, if you resell you will reach those buyers that simply rule out homes without garages.

For years we’ve built superior storage sheds, camps with porches, and horse run-in sheds for our valued customers in New England and beyond. We’re excited to further serve Maine customers with our much-requested rent to own garages. Have questions or something specific in mind? Give us a call, email, or reach out on Facebook!

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