8 Easy She Shed Ideas to Get Inspired By: Part 1/2

We’ve all heard of man caves: a place for men to escape, relax, and pursue their hobbies in peace. But what about women? Isn’t it time ladies had their own version of a man cave? Introducing – drumroll, please – the she shed!

A recent trend, she sheds have taken the world by storm and are gaining popularity on Pinterest. Whether you had a tough day at work or just need a break from the persistent “Mom, I’m hungry/bored”s, a she shed is a convenient escape just steps from home. The best part? You may already have everything you need to create your own. See your tool shed in a whole new light with these eight she shed ideas.

1. Find your Cinderella shed

Many families own an outdoor shed, but few see the potential. Sheds can be used for so much more than storing old shovels and rakes. You’ll find that your shed feels much more hospitable after the dust and spiders have been cleared away.

If your current storage shed is in disrepair or you need it for, well, storage – now’s the time to look into getting a new one. Here at NERTO, our wood sheds with pine siding and camps with porches are both popular choices for she sheds.

2. Paint, paint, paint

A coat of paint will do wonders in transforming a bare wooden storage shed into a chic she shed. For a bright, modern, and clean look, use white paint. For a funky, one of a kind eclectic style, use your favorite bold color. But really, if you have paint leftover from another home improvement project, any color will make a big difference on an unpainted, wooden shed.

3. Add creative decor

A little overdo on spring cleaning and reclaiming your basement from clutter? Before you ship it all away to the thrift store, take another look. Your she shed is the perfect home for offbeat, unique pieces that may not quite belong in your main home.

Ideas for repurposing items for a second life in your she shed:

  • Remove the drawers from an old dresser, hang them up on a wall as shelves.
  • Use a dresser base as a bookcase or buffet.
  • Turn an old wooden chair back into a photo or note holder and use the base as a stool.
  • Repurpose old bowls into tiered trays.
  • Tie silverware to a cheese grater and, voila! A wind chime to hang at the entrance of your she shed.
  • An old shutter with clips can double as storage and a wall display for photos and art.
  • Lay boards across the steps of an a-frame ladder for a super easy shelving unit.
  • Upcycle a vintage suitcase into a chic chair.

If you’re one of the few people that have a clutter-free basement, you won’t have to look far for unique, inexpensive decor. Check out your local thrift store, flea market, Craigslist, or the Facebook Marketplace.

4. Make it cozy

There’s nothing that says it’s time to relax like a fleece blanket, fluffy rug, and a pair of warm slippers. Finally you have somewhere to put the mountain of throw pillows your husband keeps complaining about. Candles are also a great addition, just make sure you don’t find yourself in this dilemma:

We’re not done yet! Stay tuned for part 2 of ‘8 Easy She Shed Ideas to Get Inspired By’.

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