The New England Rent To Own Story

The first rent to own storage solution company located in Maine.

New England Rent To Own Sheds & BarnsNew England Rent to Own, LLC now an industry leader, being the first offering Rent to Own (RTO) to the market in New England with a mission to deliver a real heavy duty Maine made building with more durability and storage area for our community. We offer RTO throughout New England allowing us to share our superior product. Starting from the back of truck to now serving all of New England with a great product that will outlast any shed built by a manufacturing plant or regular shed builder. Our models are built with a new home construction mentality that results in a great product appealing to homeowners all over New England; specializing in customized sheds, horse runs, wood sheds, and mini-camps. We are committed to providing a complete line of building structures above industry standards that will outperform the rest; all at a fair price and built the way it should be. Contact one of our outstanding sales staff and they will provide exceptional service customizing the right building for you needs.

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