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When you are about to make a big purchase, such as a shed, mini-barn, horse run or camp, it’s important to know what others think. We take pride in the reviews that we have received and that’s why we list them right here on our website. It’s important to view unbiased opinions of our other customers to help you make the right choice when purchasing. You can click on any of the reviews below to be linked over to where the review was left.

they went above and beyond my expectations of quality. they was super easy to work with. They answered all my questions whether it was text Facebook or calls. They delivered on time and set it up exactly as I asked.. you would be foolish to take your business elsewhere

Jay J.

they make great sheds and they dont use cheep lumber they use the best lumber to build there products

Phillip T.

They are amazing high quality, got ours two weeks early !! So great to work with

ZacharyandEmily W.

Excellent Customer Service.

Prompt Service.

Superior Products.

Rent to own option or direct purchase.

No credit check.

Amanda R.

Highest quality buildings, with great staff!! You can't go wrong!

Robert J.

Quality products for a reasonable cost..staff is great and down to earth people.

Thomas S.

Quality craftsmanship says it all

Shawn S.

We had a 14x24 foot building built. It’s amazing being able to work with someone 100% of the way. We hit a few roadblocks like needing to switch delivery dates even addresses. Jon and Shawn were great. When it case to delivered they were great I met them at the property and they noticed the building was loaded on backwards they offered to reset it so they could get the door pointing to the road.

Tina F.

Love this company and I will be back to get another one for my she shed

Tinna S.

Free delivery anywhere in Maine! We are getting a 10x16, 4ft porch delivered to Eastport!

Ellie C.

This is a great company with quality sheds. Excellent customer service. Sean and Mike were wonderful delivering and setting up. It was a very pleasurable experience. These sheds are heavy duty and build so well.

I’m very pleased .

Laurie P.

My wife an I are gonna be getting a really nice shed from here

Dakota E.

I love my new 12x28 barn! It's beautiful! Jeremy and Jonathan in the main office were so helpful answering all my questions! The delivery guys Lawrence and Zack were very careful getting the barn onto the sight to prevent any damage from low branches and knowledgeable about setting it up. You can't go wrong with this company!

Lynn T.

I just had my 12x28 barn delivered. Lawrence and Zack did a fantastic job getting my barn to the site. They used extra precautions with the low tree limbs, making sure that the barn would not get damaged. Overall, they were very careful and knowledgeable about setting the barn up on it's permanent location. I am extremely satisfied with the barn, too! It's beautiful! Thank you, also, to Jonathan and Jeremy in the main office for all their help with the questions I had. They were very helpful and pleasant to work with.

Lynn T.

Excellent business and fast responses. Highly reccomended

Martin J.

Amazing staff. Very friendly, and helpful in making sure you achieve what you need with your building. Every one from sales to the delivery team was passionate about making sure the end result was satisfactory. Owner Jeremy, and Jon from the sales team were especially helpful in making sure I got everything I needed from the build. I felt very safe in trusting them to handle my order with the right care, and they did not disappoint! I will definitely be considering them again for future buildings!!

Jon P.

I’d give 3 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I REALLY wanted to love this structure.

The building it’s self is well built and good looking but we were surprised to find the building had no floor. This would not have been an issue if it weren’t recommended to put down crushed stone, as the ground in our yard gets very soft. As many know, horses, along with most animals, cannot stand on stone. It was not explained to us there would be no floor and it is also not mentioned on their site. Besides the floor, I was not impressed with the hardware on the bottom half of the stall doors. The latches aren’t very sturdy and a screw was put in place so the doors wouldn’t jiggle. A little lean on these doors the hardware will bend and these will pop off with little effort. On top of that, the hardware is on the inside of the door, which make escaping much easier for horses.

Besides the structure, we were not impressed with the customer service portion of this transaction. At first everything was great but the barn was over a week late from it’s estimated delivery. This was an issue because we never received any sort of updates about the delay. We had to tear down our old structure in order to make space for this one. We tore our old barn down thinking this structure would be delivered at least the same week. Because of this our horses had to live outside for that delay of time. Getting ahold of the builders and getting answers of when it would be ready was next to impossible. Because of the large amount of time spent outside our horses feet are now cracked and chipped as they had no chance of relief from bugs like flies and mosquitoes.

Like I said, I really wanted to love this barn. I’m happy with the structure but there are some things that need changing and adding on. Do your research and make sure you know what you’re getting.

Chalanda M.

Very nice craftmanship and customer service

John T.

The order process was very good very well explained. Their professionalism was great to deal with. And they explain the process very clearly.

Brian S.

My husband and I are very excited for our building to arrive! We spent the last week sending Konrad all of our specifications and our wants and needs and he came up with the perfect building for us! So thankful for all of his help he gave us! He was so patient with us throughout the process and every time I changed my mind or had another question he was right there to respond! Thanks again Konrad! We look forward to delivery day!�


We received our building and it is so much more than I expected!! The quality of these buildings are just amazing! I can’t even describe how happy we are! I was so impressed with the building and everything about this company! Thanks so much to Jeremy and Don for working so hard to get our building on time and in perfect condition!!

Desniege R.

I can't say enough positive about this company. This group of people invested their hearts and the heart of the company in to this community. The "playhouse" is stunning and will last many years as it is constructed very well. This companies spirit and desire to do well for others is what I see every time my daughter plays now. Thank you.

Elaine S.

The order process was great, until the parameters explained to us didn’t take into consideration the curves in our driveway, nor the dry creek running along side of it. We probably would have decided on a 12x28 instead of the 14x28 and saved everyone a whole lot of work. Anyhow, though the barn was delayed by a few days, I really am more understanding of the issues encountered by the delivery crew. It took much longer to manipulate our lot than expected, but they did get it done.

There was slight damage to the roof in the process but I have been assured that it will be fixed. So I’m good with that. The Dutch doors were missing a handle on the bottom, but the delivery crew added a latch, that will work for now.

The barn is big and beautiful. It will House the goats very well once we add sand on the floor in the next day or two. My husband will add skirting to the side to close the gaps made when leveling it.

Overall, though slightly stressful at times, I think I could recommend this company. Visually, the barn is beautiful, the space is well set up, and the quality of materials used was very good.

Thanks to all who helped get this large project done.

Marcia L.

awesome options and great to work with!! cant wait to have my shed. might have them build me a little house some day

Kendra M.

We ordered our shed a week ago. Can't wait! The salesman was awesome!

Carol B.

Buildings are well made. Lots of options offered. Great customer service!

Terry B.

I called to inquire about a shed a while ago for a family member. The employee's here are fantastic. When I called I left a message and was called back immediately. The gentleman I spoke to explained several affotdalble options, and was knowledgeable about their sheds. He was also very courteous and did not rush the phone call. I would recommend these guys to anybody looking for an affordable way to get a shed!

Megan C.

My husband, who is like Eeyore from the stories of Winnie the Pooh, nit-picks every detail on everything with a glass is empty attitude lol. I have had my shed now for about a year, and he STILL comes in the house to tell me how amazingly well built our shed is. He takes extra time carefully weed whacking around it and heaven forbid if there is a drop of oil leaked from the mower in there... lol. My shed is by far the best I have every seen !! I'd love to get one of their little cabins too... but first I need to find the land to put it on! 🙂

Laurie M.

The quality is excellent.. Very pleased. Would recommend ...

Laurie C.

New England Rent to Own drivers came, delivered and leveled within an hour ish more. Quality of the shed was way more than I expected and beautifully made. Very happy with the quality and service!

Michael A.

Just got delivery of my 8×14 shed. Amazing build! Sturdy, great cuts, killer roof. Super build! I recommend this company to anyone looking for a serious shed. Super communication with the staff.. Buy one!

Greg J.

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