Win Parent of the Year With a Wooden Playhouse

Furbies, Neopets, Trolls, Matchbox cars, L.O.L. dolls.. what do all these things have in common? They were once on a child’s MUST HAVE Christmas list, only to be donated or thrown away a year later. What will it be this Christmas: more plastic and must-have fads that they’ll outgrow in a years time… or a beautiful wooden playhouse that will grow with them?

Make believe and learning

Wood Playhouse

Photo courtesy of our customer Matty Hui.

Pretending and imaginative play, critical for child development, will be encouraged in a new, fun environment. Add a play kitchen and table and your children can play “house”, market, or cafe in their very own little club house. A wooden playhouse could also double as extra space for homeschooling, a need many parents are now faced with.

Fairytale princess playhouse

Wooden Playhouse Cottage

Pictured above is one of our camps with pine siding and a cedar porch.

Picture this: flower boxes on the porch railings, a small table and chairs with a tea set inside, perhaps even a pink front door! This is the kind of fairytale wooden playhouse a little girl only dreams of. All that’s pink and frilly can be relocated into her own storybook cottage and she can immerse herself into a land of make believe.

A vanity could be an easy DIY addition to your princess’s playhouse. Don’t forget a dress up station with plenty of costumes!

Playhouse Vanity

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Pirate hideout or train station

There are an endless number of themes for a wooden playhouse, and they could even be changed as your kid’s interests shift. Is your child a lover of all things pirate? Add a few pirate flags, ‘pirates only!’ signs and they’ll have their own secret pirate hideout.

Or, perhaps you spend a portion of each day stepping around a maze of train tracks and derailed train cars. You can finally appreciate the creativity behind your kid’s giant train track when it is contained within their wooden playhouse.

Won’t be outgrown

Wooden Playhouse

Look at this little beauty we delivered recently! Photo courtesy of our customer Kamalama Evangelista.

Sure, you could buy a plastic playhouse that your kids can play in for a short time. It won’t take long, however, before the sun-faded eyesore is too small and home only to a horde of spiders.

A wooden playhouse will instead grow with your child. As a toddler, they can pretend with their play kitchen and all those bright toys that were crowding your living room. Children can line up their collection of dolls and action figures without blocking traffic in the hallway. Band practice and video games will be more fun for teens in a place that’s all their own. You could even charge your twenty something-year-old rent out there!

After your kids have grown and moved out, there are endless ways you can utilize the extra space yourself. Think she shed, home office, or a little backyard getaway.

This year, give a gift your children and grandchildren can create countless memories in. Contact us today to chat about the wooden playhouse of your kid’s dreams!

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