Homeschool Room Ideas in Sheds That Get Kids Excited to Learn

Whether you’re homeschooling by choice or by necessity (Coronavirus anyone?), setting up a separate homeschool room can go a long way. Besides eliminating distractions, including your kids in the design process will have everyone a little more excited to go to school. And where better to teach your pupils than in that storage shed you have out back?

Inspirational posters

Inspirational Posters for Home School

A poster like this one could be designed together, hung on a wall of your homeschool room, and provide some much needed encouragement throughout the day. Image source:

We all need a little inspiration from time to time and kids aren’t an exception. An hour into their least favorite subject, they may find themselves taking a break and staring at the wall. Do they give up in frustration or keep on pushing to master a new concept? It couldn’t hurt for them to pause on an encouraging image instead of a blank wall.

Inspiration boards are pretty big right now. A bulletin board could be hung at eye level with a versatile collage of images cut from old magazines.

Make room for fun

Home School Fun Educational Ideas

Image source:

There is a limited amount of space in any homeschool room. Prioritizing wall and floor space is essential, and what better priority than fun? Bring subjects to life by incorporating them into a game or interactive activity.

Here are some ideas:

  • Learn human anatomy by hanging a felt board and cutting out felt body parts
  • Make a sensory table with pom poms to sort by color into jars
  • Learn to count by twos with each pass of a beach ball or balloon
  • A spin on a cardboard prize wheel for good behavior
  • Cut out planets and make your own solar system mobile on a clothes hanger
  • Game table with educational board games like Scrabble
  • Addition and subtraction by threading beads onto pipe cleaners
  • Trivia on US history
  • A new game of “I Spy” each day with images or objects hidden in your homeschool room
  • Baskets with play food to sort by food group
  • Art station with an easel
  • Turn an empty corner into a reading nook with a pillow fort
  • Make a lab table for simple science experiments
  • White board with daily prompts or finish the sentence
  • Learn about different ecosystems with shoebox dioramas
  • Floor puzzle to learn geography
  • Study the medieval ages with a cardboard castle and costumes

Color code by child

Color code by child

Image source:

This homeschool room idea is a great one to ask for your kids’ input on and there’s no question if they’ll have an opinion: personalize a desk and space with their favorite color. Color and cut out their initials to post above each desk or perhaps they’d like to design their own wall art.

Colorful desk accessories can be found at the Dollar Tree or Amazon if you’re trying to avoid in-store purchases during this time. Invest in a few bottles of spray paint to customize and brighten up old chairs and desks.

Create your own school house!

Create your own one room school house out of a storage shed! Image Source:

If you’re like many parents in New England right now, in addition to becoming a homeschool teacher you’re also expected to juggle your full time job from home. Be sure to check out our next post on designing a *quiet* home office in your shed!

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