Coronavirus Self Isolation: Maintain Sanity With a Backyard Getaway

It’s week who-knows-what of the Coronavirus quarantine… Is there anyone stuck at home that isn’t going crazy by now? Actually, yes! The key to maintaining sanity throughout this lockdown is having somewhere to go other than your living room couch. While going away on vacation is currently out of the question, you can create your own backyard getaway. The best part is this kind of vacation doesn’t require reservations, travel, or fear about exposure to a dangerous virus.

We all need space

Let’s preface this by saying we all love our families and spending time with them. However, too much time together can have you wishing you had somewhere, anywhere, to go for some “you” time. I can assure you it’s only natural.

Do you dream of your own she shed or man cave? An outdoor storage shed is the solution! From an art studio or knitting nook, to a woodworking shop or home brew pub, there are so many different passions you can focus on within a storage shed.

Use this unique time to devote yourself to old hobbies you never had time for before. The best place to contain messy crafts and hobbies is one separate from your home.

Camp with porch

Look at this beauty! Can’t beat our camps with porches.

Caption: Look at this beauty! Can’t beat our camps with porches.
We all need a distraction

Perhaps you’re having the opposite problem: you have more than enough space and this lack of human interaction has you talking to plants. A change of scenery is just what you need to keep you from going stir crazy.

Nature, one of life’s best mood boosters, can be better enjoyed from a camp porch. Relax in your favorite chair and listen to the birds chirp. Another bonus, talking to squirrels is less crazy than talking to houseplants (let’s not forget your neighbors are stuck home too).

Or perhaps you want more than a distraction from loneliness… You want a solution in the form of real human interaction. Thankfully, you have an important tool that can connect you with billions without risking infection: the internet! Start a club that meets weekly via Skype or Zoom to discuss your passions. If you’re a football fanatic, deck out your storage shed with fan gear and escape into the zone each time you walk through the door.

Tis the shopping season. Most people are feeling relief with the newly released stimulus funds. This could be the time…

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Maintain 6 feet of distance from people

Have a neighbor, extended family member, or friend that doesn’t seem to understand what it means to social distance? Maybe they’re a spit talker and 6 feet just isn’t enough. Next time they drop by your house, avoid an awkward conversation by hiding away in your outdoor storage shed. You can’t hear the doorbell from your backyard sanctuary!

Even if it’s just a different place to chill out, a change of scenery is crucial for your sanity through these monotonous days. So what are you waiting for? Our unique no credit check rent to own program makes shed ownership both convenient and affordable! Each shed is built right here in Maine and can be delivered to your location at no charge. Click here for more information on our rent to own program.

Value is what we specialize in. With unbeatable durability and the industries leading rent to own program we have you covered for all of your building needs!

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