4 Unique Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Shed For the Holidays

Feeling a little disappointed by the lack of Christmas festivities this year? Just because most public events are cancelled, there’s no reason to turn down the holly jolly! Bring the magic of Christmas to your backyard with these merry outdoor shed decorations.

1. Santa’s workshop

Santa's Workshop

Photo credit to giftwarereview.net

Running out of places to stash the kids’ Christmas gifts? The older they get, the better they are at sniffing out holiday gift hiding places. Pour a glass or mug of your favorite beverage, turn up the Christmas music, and enjoy an undisturbed wrapping party in the privacy of your outdoor shed.

You could go a step further with outdoor shed decorations like those pictured above. Bring out a Christmas tree and the whole family will be delighted to find themselves unwrapping gifts in Santa’s workshop on Christmas morning.

2.Winter wonderland

Last season we shared how you can create a haunted path with Halloween yard decorations – now you can transform your yard into a winter wonderland with backyard Christmas decorations. Line a path with light up candy canes that lead to your lit up shed. Wrap string lights around trees and bushes or make your own simple Christmas light balls to hang or place around the yard with these easy steps:

  1. Collect wire cutters, measuring tape, chicken wire, gloves, wire cutters, and mini string lights
  • Spread out your chicken wire and measure shapes that are twice as long as they are wide (for a 1’ Christmas light ball, use a 1’ by 2’ portion)
  • Cut where you measured and take care to use gloves as the wire can be sharp
  • Connect the two cut sides together by twisting the wire together
  • At this point you will have a cylinder shape that can be manipulated into a sphere
  • Wrap the ball with lights and be sure to leave the plug exposedYou will truly feel that you’ve entered a winter wonderland as you stroll through the lights in your backyard. End your path with the grand finale: an outdoor shed decked out in holiday lights and cheer.

    3. Warming hut

    Defrost in between sled runs, snowshoeing, skiing or ice skating with an adorable sled warming hut! If you still want to get together with friends while remaining socially distanced, winter outdoor activities are a must. Guests can enter your outdoor shed as needed to refuel with snacks, water, or even at a hot chocolate bar.

    4. Winter cottage in the snow

    Winter cabin in the snow

    Photo credit to JK Statham, Pinterest

    Slip on your snowshoes and make your way to a quiet cottage tucked in the woods. Enjoy the falling snow and embrace power outages from the comfort of your cozy cabin.

    Whether in a desktop background or painting, most of us have seen images like that shown above: a quaint camp in the snow. Just the idea of it brings a rare peace. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to transform an ordinary outdoor shed into a private backyard getaway:

    • Start with some comfy chairs and a couch
    • Add a candle or flameless diffuser with a relaxing scent
    • Fill a bookcase with all those books you’ve been too distracted to read
    • Include a box of board games for distraction-free game nights with the family
    • Don’t forget a basket by the door to drop off smart phones!

    Be sure to see if you’ve landed on Santa’s naughty shed owner list by checking out our last post: Are you a NICE shed owner or a NAUGHTY shed owner? Happy Holidays to all our valued customers!

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