Trade in That Pricey Vacation For a Rent to Own Cabin, Cottage or Camp

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While you probably don’t need much convincing to agree you should take more vacation time, actually doing it is a different story. Here are 3 science-backed reasons to get serious about getting away:

  1. Vacations improve your physical health. The New York Times reported on a study that found taking a vacation every two years as opposed to every six will decrease the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attacks.
  2. Taking a break allows your mind to recover and reset. Neuroscientists at the University of California have found that ongoing stress can permanently damage the brain structure and lead to burnout. Giving your brain a chance to relax can help you avoid anxiety and depression.
  3. Getting away together can strengthen relationships. Studies reveal that vacationing together can improve the quality of your partnership.

Does your boss remain unconvinced? Luckily, you don’t have to take long, expensive vacations to reap the benefits of a getaway. Reset with a stay in your very own rent to own cabin, cottage or camp!

Cut out vacation stress points

You don’t need a five hour flight and three hour layover to reach a relaxing environment. A familiar drive up to camp is one thing, but dealing with flights and fighting traffic on unfamiliar roads is another. Layovers, delays, cancellations, and traffic are enough to make anyone wonder, “Wasn’t this supposed to be relaxing?”

Cutting out travel time allows you to maximize your vacation time.

Transportation isn’t the only stress point of your typical vacation away. Let’s talk about safety. You have to be extremely vigilant when visiting or traveling through new areas. Pickpockets are bad enough, but a situation can really get dangerous when you consider terrorist activity, shootings, protests, kidnappings, and natural disasters.

While visiting your camp in New England won’t make you immune to danger, the worst you’ll probably have to worry about is getting snowed in. And let’s face it, when you have the right supplies being snowed in can actually be quite cozy and enjoyable.

A getaway… from people

If you’re looking for a vacation with privacy, hotels and cruise ships probably aren’t for you. Between fighting for lounge chairs by the pool and racing to the breakfast buffet before it’s picked over, crowds can leave you exhausted.

For the price of one of these vacations, you could have your very own cabin, cottage or camp! Have it brought to your private property by the lake or hidden by trees. We’ve delivered rent to own cabins all over New England.

Rent To Own Shed, Cabin, Cottage Delivery

One of our delivery drivers bringing a rent to own camp to its new home.

Vacation more often

Forget about lots of planning and packing, you can keep your camp stocked up with everything you’ll need. Going up to camp requires minimal, if any, planning. You don’t have to take extra time off, head there Friday after work and be back by Monday. Now that’s something your boss will be pleased with.

Don’t end your next vacation with nothing but a few photos, keychain souvenirs, and a sad bank account. Have something to show for all the hours you’ve put in at the office. Our rent to own cabins, camps and cottages aren’t just affordable, they’re beautiful!

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