Are you a NICE shed owner or a NAUGHTY shed owner?

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice
Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice
Santa Claus is coming to town

There are many factors that go into determining whether a person is deemed naughty or nice by Mr. Claus. Let’s hope you haven’t forgotten the most important one of all: how well you’ve cared for your storage shed. If you’re ready to find out where you landed on Santa’s list this year… read on.

NICE: You’ve prepared your shed for the winter

Weeks ago you sealed every nook and cranny, set mouse traps, and serviced winter equipment before stashing it away in the shed. You greet Nor’easters like an old friend – the generator and snowblower are ready to go. A properly winterized storage shed is sure to score you a big “NICE”.

Winter Storage Shed

Don’t forget to start with a storage shed that’s built to withstand many a New England winter.

NAUGHTY: You’re running a groundhog bed and breakfast under your shed

Santa loves animals too, but not under his workshops or your storage shed. Groundhogs can cause a number of issues, including:

  • Burrows underground that can compromise your shed’s stability
  • Tripping hazards like holes and mounds
  • Damage to garden and crops
  • Chewing electric cables
  • Can be aggressive if feeling threatened

For the sake of your storage shed, its worthwhile to get rid of any groundhogs underneath it. Posting a no vacancy sign on your B&B doesn’t mean you have to harm your guests either. Groundhogs can be relocated with Havahart live animal traps and deterred by windchimes, pets, and human scent (like hair clippings).

NICE: You’ve kept up with routine shed maintenance

Do you keep your storage shed clear of snow and debris? Low hanging branches pose a risk, especially during winter snowstorms. Even a blustery spring day can knock down a heavy branch on your shed roof. Another benefit of removing trees and shrubbery: it allows sun to reach your shed and melt away snow and ice.

NAUGHTY: You’re not using your shed to its full potential

Using your shed to store some old rakes and rusty cans? Oh! Now you’re really making Santa sad. There are so many ways to utilize a storage shed – far beyond your storage needs. For more ideas check out our post 6 Surprising Ways to Use an Outdoor Shed.

NICE: Everything in your shed has a place

Absolutely nobody likes wasting time searching for lost items. There’s nothing worse than fumbling around in the dark early hours of a winter morning hunting for a tool in your shed. Avoid this altogether with the right shed organization hacks and by saying farewell to items you no longer use.

As professional organize Marie Kondo says, “Discard everything that does not spark joy”. Joy may not be the first emotion you feel when inspecting a chainsaw, but it’ll certainly save you some grief with the next tree that needs cutting.

NAUGHTY: You don’t have a shed

Gasp! Santa is beside himself! Where do you even store your Christmas decorations and holiday cheer? You’d better write a letter to Santa Claus right away asking for storage shed this year.

If you wound up on the naughty list – no fear! There’s still time to turn it around before Santa drops coal down your chimney. Whip your current shed back into shape with the tips from our blog or contact us today to order your own Maine made storage shed.

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