Best ever Christmas gift for kids? A custom outdoor playhouse!

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Create a wooden playhouse for kids with a storage shed!

Take a look at this wooden playhouse we built recently. Photo credit: Elaine Smith

Ready to be crowned parent of the year? Sure, a shiny new tricycle is great and all, but two skinned knees later your child will have grown out of it. For a gift the whole family will enjoy for years to come, consider getting your kids their very own outdoor playhouse this Christmas.

Endless versatility

There are so many ways to put a kids playhouse to use. Here are some ideas:

  • Camp “outs” in all seasons
  • Art studio – keep that mess outside!
  • Home for a gigantic train set
  • Playing house
  • Classroom
  • Reading nook
  • Sleepovers (that won’t keep you up until 1 AM)
  • Theater for puppet shows
  • Somewhere to play dress up, complete with a runway
  • “Secret” hideaway
  • Their very own restaurant or grocery store
  • Surprise birthday parties
  • A castle fit for a king or queen

…or better yet, leave the creativity up to them! Our customers and their children are always coming up with new ways to use their wooden playhouses.

You’ll still want it when the kids are grown

Unlike with many kids toys, when the kids eventually grow up and move out you won’t have to haggle with buyers over the Facebook marketplace. Why sell something that can easily be converted for yourself, or future grandchildren?

Assuming they won’t try to convince you to let them live in it as a tiny house, there are so many grownup uses for your kids’ old outdoor playhouse. A home office, storage shed, or backyard getaway to name a few! Check out this post for more surprising ways to make use of a wood cabin or shed.

Safe and convenient

Sometimes the kids just need to get out of the house and be somewhere kid-friendly. Packing the whole family up for an excursion isn’t exactly convenient, and of course there’s always something forgotten behind.

Not to scaremorger here, but visiting somewhere different always comes with a bit of risk. From traffic to stranger-danger, you can give your eagle eye a rest when your kids are playing within the safe walls of their outdoor playhouse.

A gift for you, too

Of course it’s swell to watch your kiddos have fun, but let’s not forget about the best part: a little peace and quiet for you. You know that book you’ve been wanting to read? Or how about the recliner that’s been calling your name? With an outdoor playhouse, your kids can take all the hullabaloo outside.

An outdoor playhouse may not fit in Santa’s sleigh or under the Christmas tree, but I think your kids will let it slide. Take a look at all the ways we can help customize your wooden playhouse.

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