6 Surprising Ways to Use an Outdoor Shed

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Next time you see an outdoor shed, don’t just think storage for rakes, shovels, and lawnmowers. Think private library, backyard office, and art studio. This is your chance to create a completely unique environment, just steps from your home. Prepare to be inspired with the following ideas.

1. (Outside Of) Home Gym

If dropping barbells on the floor is waking the whole house, it’s time to move them outside of your home. Or perhaps you have a membership at a local gym. Why not pocket that monthly fee and gas money to put towards your own gym? It sure beats driving home wearing a stranger’s sweat.

2. Backyard Office

Have an office in your outdoor shed

Windows were a must-have for the view in this shed we recently built. I’d take this over a cubicle any day.

The best part about working from home is that, of course, you never have to leave your home. At the same time, that’s the worst part. Whether it’s distractions (family members, roommates, pets) or you miss having the ability to “reset” in a different environment, moving your office into the shed solves both of those problems.

For a shed that’s to be converted into an office, it’s worth getting something you don’t mind spending 40 or so hours a week in. This may mean a window or two to let in natural light, a porch for lunch breaks, and enough room to comfortably house you and your office supplies. A thoughtfully designed, personalized shed will have you looking forward to the start of the workweek.

3. Private Library

Enjoy a nice read in your outdoor shed library

Photo credit: Office Sian Architecture & Design

Bring every bookworm’s dream to life with a backyard library. With each wall lined with bookshelves, you’ll have plenty of space for your favorite reads. The best part? It’s the last place they’ll think to look for you!

4. Chicken Coop

Outdoor Shed Chicken Coop

These lucky birds are roosting in the lap of luxury. Photo credit: Lindsay Von Hagel

If you’re in search of a home for your feathered friends, look no further than your outdoor shed. At a minimum, each chicken should have roughly 2-3 feet of room inside the coop and 8-10 square feet in an outside run. Our team at New England Rent to Own can actually custom build a shed to fit your flock.

Thinking of letting your hens free-range? Consider where your shed is located and how often you use the area around it. Let’s put it this way: free-range chickens and bare feet are not a great combination.

5. Art Studio

Outdoor shed art studio

Photo credit: Kevin A. Roberts

Get artistic in your very own private studio. Using an outdoor shed as an art studio will keep your masterpieces under wraps and prevent paint from ending up everywhere it shouldn’t be.

6. Guest Suite

Outdoor shed guest suite

Photo credit: Ashley Klinger & Co.

Ignore the looks you receive when explaining to guests they’ll be staying in the shed. They’ll be hinting at another visit soon after they’ve spent a few nights in their private guest suite. Your outdoor shed can also be turned into an extra income with tenants or Airbnb.

It’s time to expect more out of your outdoor shed.

Our team at New England Rent to Own is often surprised to hear of the unique ways customers plan to use their new sheds. We invite you to share a new one with us! There isn’t a shed customization we can’t handle.

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