How to Organize a Garage Once and For All

Hop over a tricycle, limbo under an old pair of skis, turn sideways to squeeze past the snowblower… when did your garage turn into an obstacle course? If there’s barely room to park your cars in the garage, its time for a junk purge and some serious garage organization. Here’s how to organize a garage and clear the clutter.

Look into storage systems

Option 1 – Pricey: Custom shelving and storage systems installed by professionals

Garage Storage Systems

Image shows a garage organization system installed by Home Depot.

If you’re looking for a higher-end route to achieve garage organization, you can have a professional take over. The Home Depot is one company that offers installed garage organization services or you could contact a local cabinet maker.

Option 2 – Middle of the road: Plastic or metal shelving units

Garage Shelving Organization

These shelving units were made by Craftsman and are sold at Lowe’s for $75/each.

While not quite as aesthetically pleasing as the previous storage system, these freestanding plastic utility shelves are a cinch to install and hold a decent amount of weight (250 pounds per shelf). Purchase storage bins and you’re ready to go!

Option 3 – DIY: Plywood shelving

DIY storage system from

Sketch out your storage system, gather supplies, measure, cut, and install! A large pegboard is especially handy for frequently used tools.

Have a home for everything

When it comes to organizing, you’ve probably heard the above piece of advice before but it’s worth a mention. If your garage is one big junk drawer, garage organization is going to get overwhelming quick. With a designated spot for each item, you won’t have to waste time searching for, tripping over, and – worse still – repurchasing items you can’t find.

So, before you start piling things into those racks, cabinets, and shelves you just put up, ask yourself: if I was looking for this item, where would I look first? If you do at some point have a hard time finding something, move it to the location you first looked. Store items in similar categories, whip out the label machine for drawer fronts and bins.

The key to garage organization is being intentional about where you store items – it has to make sense.

Some items are better stored in a shed

There’s a reason why many homeowners own both a garage and a shed. Your garage should be able to serve as a working space for projects or at least have plenty of room for you to move around parked vehicles.

How do you decide which items are stored in your shed vs. the garage? If you choose whichever storage structure is closest and most convenient at the time, it’s no wonder garage organization is proving a challenge. Garden tools, pots, buckets, sports equipment and anything that’s a tripping hazard is better kept in a shed.

Garage organization quick tips

You may find these little nuggets helpful:

  • Use clear bins so you can see what’s inside
  • Label whenever possible
  • Store heavier items on lower shelves and under counters
  • Make frequently used items easily accessible
  • Have a charging station for rechargeable tool batteries
  • Add overhead shelving for longer items (skis, hockey sticks, trim, planks)
  • Use a track system for awkwardly shaped items
  • Lots and lots of hooks!

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to an organized garage. Now you can start organizing your shed with our post 5 Shed Organization Hacks to Maximize Your Space.

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