6 Things Every Mainer Should Have in Their Storage Shed This Winter

Mainers don’t miss work because of an inch of snow. When our driveways are covered in ice and snow we whip out an old coffee can full of salt and are out shoveling before the sun is up. Power’s out? Fire up the generator. It wouldn’t be winter in New England without a few outages.

Unless you plan on joining the snowbirds, winter preparation is an absolute must for every homeowner in Maine. Keep the following items in your storage shed this winter and you won’t be filled with panic when the snow flies.

1. Shovel

Don’t mind a workout or have a small area to clear? A shovel should do the trick. Go with a classic shovel or invest in a fancy electric snow shovel. This Toro Power shovel claims to clear snowfall up to a half foot deep with one pass, and you never even have to lift it off the ground. Whatever the shovel, be sure to install a rack or another kind of holder in your storage shed prior to needing it. See last week’s post for hacks on organizing your shovels and other tools.

2. Snowblower

This isn’t your first winter is it? Drive through any neighborhood in Maine after a snowfall and you’ll likely find a number of people out snowblowing. If you are deciding whether you should buy a snowblower this year, don’t forget to consider the extra steps required when snowblowing. Instead of grabbing a shovel and going to town, you’ll have to locate an extension cord (if electric), move vehicles, shovel a path to an outlet, snowblow, clean it off, put it away, and perform maintenance.

Depending on your property, snowblowing may still prove less time consuming, more effective, and kinder on your back compared to a shovel. If that is the case for you, housing your snowblower undercover in a storage shed will keep it going strong for years to come.

3. Plow

Whether your plow attaches to a fourwheeler, tractor, or vehicle, you can prevent rust and keep it in shipshape inside a storage shed. A proper shelter protects your plow from UV rays, mud, dirt, rain… You name it. It’s also a good idea to place it on wood blocks.

Delivering Sheds in Snow

A little snow never scares our delivery crew.

4. Generator

Playing board games by candlelight is fun the first night the power goes out, but by day three the charm has likely worn off. In Maine, it’s not a question of if the power will go out, it’s a question of when and how many times this season. Of course, remember to read your owner’s manual and take proper precautions when running and storing your shed.

5. Roof Rake

Avoid the accumulation of heavy snow on your roof by keeping a roof rake handy. If snow is left to melt and then freezes again, it may form large layers of ice that end up damaging your roof and gutters.

6. Salt

Instead of leaving that rusty coffee can inside your home, place it somewhere handy yet out of sight: in your storage shed. It’s also not a bad idea to have multiple containers of salt. You’ll thank yourself when the driveway becomes an ice rink!

Don’t be a shmuck this winter! Keep the right tools in your storage shed and you might actually find yourself looking forward to the challenge of a nor’easter.

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