5 Tips for the Best Witchy She Shed

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do you love all things spooky and magical? Then get ready to meet the shed of your dreams… The witchy she shed.

1. Plant some climbing or creeping vines

Vines going up a shed

Image source: pixabay.com

Vines add a bit of charm, mystery, and bewitchment to any structure. Either climbing or creeping vines should do the trick, but your choice may depend on how green your thumb is. If you have your own vegetable garden and enjoy floriculture, you’ll have no problem planting creeping vines. They do tend to prefer creeping on the ground however and can prove more difficult to encourage vertically.

If you prefer a low maintenance plant, climbing vines would be ideal for railings (if your shed has a porch) and most vertical spots. While they are capable of climbing on their own once you plant them, it helps to provide a support like trellises, arbors, pergolas, or simply string.

2. Paint it black

There’s no question on which color is the most witchy… black of course! For a witch, black is certainly the new (and old) black. A black door, exterior, and porch will add intrigue and mystery to your she shed. It will also help all those vines you planted to stand out, or of course pumpkins and jack o’lanterns come Halloween time. For an accent color, you could instead paint your door green, purple, or orange.

3. Enchant the interior

Your enchanted cottage will have you feeling like you’re in Salem, Massachusetts. Forget a drive and hoards of tourists, only you have the key to your witchy she shed. It won’t be too difficult to transform the inside of your shed into a witch’s lair.

The perfect decor can be found at your local antique shop, flea market, or thrift store. Anything that tells a story and has character will feel right at home.

Some spooktacular ideas:

  • Lanterns with candles (battery powered tea lights if you want to avoid burning your shed down)
  • String lights
  • Victorian mirror
  • Antique portraits and frames
  • Birdcage
  • Jars and containers
  • Long velvet curtains
  • Chandelier
  • Hanging dried herbs and flowers
  • Bookcases with old books
  • Hanging plants
  • Four poster bed with a canopy if you have the space

4. Gate it up

Spooky Gate

Image source: shutterstock.com

There’s nothing that says “keep out or I might put a spell on you” quite like a metal gate across the path to your she shed. You can try to find a unique one secondhand or go with one like this from the Home Depot. Introduce some more climbing vines and you’ve got yourself a seriously spooky gate.

5. Add an enchanted sign

Add Enchanted Sign to Shed

Image source: readersheds.co.uk

If you want to give any Hansel and Gretel’s a fair warning, add a sign to your shed. Whether painted simply above the door or with a whimsical font on a decorative sign, pick a unique name for your witchy she shed. A quote or small poem would be a nice touch as well. Need some inspiration? Try something inspired by your favorite witchy movie or book.

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