5 Big Reasons to Own a Firewood Storage Shed for Your Woodpile

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On these chilly, wet winter days, there isn’t much that can beat the warm welcome of a crackling fireplace or woodstove in your home. From sipping hot cocoa and playing cards to opening Christmas gifts with the family, a fireplace never fails to create a cozy setting.

One thing that can really put the kibosh on this Norman Rockwell scene: a pile of wet firewood. Preserving wood from moisture and mold is why a firewood storage shed is a worthwhile investment for anyone with a fireplace or woodstove.

We’ve outlined 5 big reasons you should use a firewood storage shed to house your woodpile.

1. Increases efficiency

Burning dry wood as opposed to wet wood is significantly more efficient. This is due to the amount of energy required to warm water to the point of steam.

According to Hunker.com: “Vaporizing a pound of water wastes about 1,200 British thermal unit, or BTU, a measure of heat. In contrast, a pound of firewood that contains 20 percent moisture provides about 7,000 BTU of heat.”

2. Saves time

With increased efficiency comes increased time. Cut down on the time your family spends sitting huddled around a cold fireplace by always using dry, seasoned wood from your firewood storage shed. Anyone who has ever attempted a fire using wet logs can attest to how long it takes to light.

3. Promotes health

In addition to wasting time and money, burning wet wood can create air pollution. Your wood fire will smolder and produce more smoke. This contributes to a build up of creosote in your chimney, blocking the exhaust and sending particles back into your home.

A tar-like material, these particles are not something you want to breathe in regularly. Inhaled in large amounts, wood creosote can irritate the lungs and even cause lung diseases.

4. Improves safety

Speaking of creosote, this nasty by-product presents a huge danger if left to accumulate. It’s very flammable and according to North Atlantic Firewood, a chimney fire will become more likely when creosote has built up a ¼ inch thick layer or more.

While large chimney fires are typically pretty obvious, smaller ones can go unnoticed. Using a firewood storage shed to keep your woodpile dry nips the problem in the bud, long before it erupts in flames.

5. Saves money

Wood that is cut and stacked promptly in a firewood storage shed can be left to season, free from mold and the elements. Store stacked firewood at least six months (a year or more for dense woods) until they have deep cracks radiating from the core to the bark or until there is no steam visible while burning. DIY wood seasoning can save you a bundle.

Want to keep your current woodstove in operation longer? Dry, seasoned wood isn’t just better for your insides, it’s better for the insides of your wood burning appliances as well. The tars and creosote created by wet firewood also result in blacked-out stove windows.

You can’t put a price on your family’s time, safety, or health. Keeping your woodpile in a firewood storage shed will keep it dry for an easy, clean burn. Take a look at our custom built wood sheds, designed for the coldest of Maine winters!

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