Organization & Storage Ideas For Your Storage Shed (Part 2)

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After hours of researching outdoor storage sheds and communicating with shed providers, you finally have the shed of your dreams. If you purchased a shed through our team at New England Rent To Own, dimensions, siding, roofing and insulation have all been custom-built to your needs.

Now how can you continue to personalize your storage shed or cabin? In part 2 of ‘Organization & Storage Ideas For Your Storage Shed’, we’ll cover even more ideas for storing the items you plan on housing in your new shed.

Put a stop to the screwdriver search.

Easy small tool organization

Photo Credit: Sam Henderson, HGTV

Sick of fumbling around for the right screwdriver? Thankfully, so was Sam Henderson from HGTV. His brilliant idea was to dip each of your screwdriver handles in acrylic paint and store them in a wall-mounted DIY rack.

Simply remove the screw at the end of a 2”x2” table leg and drill as many holes as needed to hold your screwdrivers. Avoid slanted holes by using a dowel jig to keep the drill bit lined up. Don’t forget to switch out drill bits in order to fit the width of your screwdrivers.

Mount the rack to a wall in your shed and voilà! Instead of trying to explain what a Robertson looks like in the midst of your next project, you can just ask the kids to “grab the screwdriver with the orange handle”.

Store patio furniture on the ceiling.

Make the most of your storage shed space by storing on the ceiling!

Photo Credit: Mom Mart

Patio furniture gets plenty of use in summer weather, but we all know how long that lasts in New England. The rest of the year it’s either left rusting outside or taking up prime real estate in your shed. There’s no better place to store an easily breakable glass-top patio table than (securely) on your shed’s ceiling. It’s out of the way and less likely to trip you.

Rain gutters make for easy shelves.

Store old spray paint cans and reuse that gutter at the same time!

Photo Credit:

Give a second life to those old rain gutters you have kicking around. They’re a great size for organizing smaller items like the spray paint cans shown above. Traditional, deeper shelves crowd a shed and aren’t much fun to bang your head on while getting the generator in the midst a blizzard (trust me).

Duct tape fixes everything.

Organize and utilize your tape in an organized way

Photo credit: Popular Woodworking

Well, almost everything. It’s never a bad idea to have a few rolls of duct tape in your shed that you can get to without rummaging through a drawer. The only materials needed for this tape dispenser are a few scraps of plywood, dowels, screws, and a hacksaw blade.

Shed doors: For more than just opening and closing.

What are the doors for? Absolutely everything!

Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Don’t overlook a handy place to store tools: the inside of your shed doors. It’s as easy as installing something like this $14 tool organizer on Amazon. Ensure your doors are made with a sturdy material that can hold the weight like our solid wood shed doors can!

Use caution storing gasoline.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Besides keeping your shed organized, a flame resistant storage cabinet is the safest way to store fuel.

Remember that it’s always best to store extremely flammable materials like gasoline in an outdoor storage shed versus an attached garage or basement. If you had to choose, would you rather a detached shed ignite in flames or your entire home?

Not only is it safer to have gasoline away from your home if an accident were to occur, it also decreases the chances of one happening. Your family, pets, and visitors are less likely to be in your shed than in your garage or basement.

With the ideas listed above as well as in part 1 of ‘Organization & Storage Ideas For Your Storage Shed’, we hope you’ll be on your way to turning a perfect shed into a shed that’s perfect for you. For more information on custom-built sheds, check out our shed customization page.

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