How To Prepare Your Property For Your New Storage Shed

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So there you are, ready to take the plunge and buy a storage shed for your property. Maybe you’ve outgrown your garage or maybe you have some gardening tools that you need a better place for. Well it’s time to find the storage shed that’s right for you – and the best place on your property to have it. Finding the right size storage shed and the right placement are critical so that you are set up for many years to come. Much like building a house, you want a quality shed that will last many years, so why would we also not want to ensure it’s large enough and in a very convenient place?

What will you be putting in the shed?

Finding the right place for the shed has as much to do with what will be going in the shed as much as where it’ll be aesthetically pleasing. Put together a list of what you hope to store in the shed. Will you be needing to get to things on a regular basis or only when mowing the lawn and doing gardening? Since we live in New England, will you be keeping the snow blower and shovels in here?

What you put in the shed will affect where it should be placed

As mentioned, we’re New Englanders. That means we get snow – a lot of snow. Although placing the shed out of the way on the back of your yard might seem good if you are expecting delivery in the summer, how will that be when it’s winter time and you have to walk through a foot of snow to get the snow blower out? Weighing out this option, it might be worth it to you – or you may want to find a place a little closer to the house.

That being said, when it’s summer time, it’s nice to be able to place the storage shed out of the way as walking outside on a beautiful day to mow the lawn tends to be more fun than a chore.

Space Around the Storage Shed

Create Space Around the Storage Shed SpaceThen comes the question of how much room we need around the shed. Of course you’ll have to look into your local town ordinances to ensure you follow the proper setback rules. If setbacks are not an issue, let’s discuss how much space you’d like to have around the shed. Are you going to need to mow around the shed? If so, make sure you leave enough room for your ride on lawn mower (or if you don’t have one yet but plan on it, keep that in mind for the future). If you are adding some customizations to your shed, such as a door and ramp, make sure you have enough room to not only have the ramp, but also maneuver around easily with larger items, such as a lawn mower, wheelbarrow or other things you may be needing that ramp for.

What about preparing the actual property for the delivery?

Delivery of your storage shedGlad you asked! Boy, we’ve done all sorts of deliveries in our time. Some easier than others, but all unique none-the-less. Luckily, with this experience, we’ve also been able to learn the tricks that helps us deliver our quality sheds right where you want them! In preparation for a shed delivery, all that we ask for is a relatively level area. Ideally without trees right next to it so we can maneuver freely and place it exactly where you want, but that’s about it. From there, our delivery team will help finalizing the leveling to be as close to perfect as possible. Of course we’ll walk through an inspection with you and you’ll be able to start filling up your shed (in an organized fashion of course!) in no time. In fact, our deliveries may take just an hour from the time we get there until we leave.

So we’ve given you our tips on how to find the perfect spot to place the storage shed or cabin, but what do you think we missed? What is important to you and what do you plan on storing in your new Maine made shed? Let us know below!

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