How to Maintain Your Wooden Outdoor Storage Shed

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Whether you invest in a rent to own shed or purchase it outright, your outdoor storage shed should be around for years to come. Any shed needs a bit of maintenance from time to time, or you risk having to repair rotting wood down the line. Here’s how to save yourself time, money, and a headache by keeping your shed well maintained.

Pick an outdoor storage shed that’s built to last

The best way to extend the life of your shed is, of course, to start with one that’s built to last. You can certainly pick one up on a whim from a big-box store, but know that many of these are constructed overseas with inferior materials.

Make sure you do your research and look for these features:

  • The siding features solid materials like pine siding instead of plywood
  • 2 x 4 construction for the walls and 2 x 6 floor joists
  • Fully trussed roof
  • Water resistant floor (Advantech flooring is great choice, it also has a lifetime warranty)

How to keep your shed looking like new

Painted Outdoor Storage Shed

A nice paint job by one of our customers. Image courtesy of Joe Stevens

Now that you’ve chosen a quality outdoor storage shed, you just need to give it a little TLC along the way. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Paint your shed

As with any structure made with wood, giving it a fresh coat of paint is a great way to provide protection against the elements and keep it looking its best. Follow these steps whenever your shed needs to be repainted:

  1. Make sure to prepare the surface with a thorough cleaning, preferably using a pressure washer
  2. Let the shed dry for a day
  3. Apply an oil-based primer to seal up any crevices
  4. Paint the shed with thin coats to avoid drips then look it over for spots you may have missed

Clear away snow and debris
If you’re a New Englander like we are, you’re well aware that snowstorms can create a long list of additional chores for homeowners. In addition to preparing your property for the winter and tuning up snow equipment, you’ll have to clear ice and snow each time there’s a storm. The good news is that sheds with metal roofs require little snow removal.

Trimming surrounding trees and shrubbery will allow sunlight to reach your shed and melt away ice and snow. Without overhanging trees, falling branches are also less of a risk. Take care not to leave debris piled at the base of your outdoor storage shed which can make for inviting critter homes and lead to rotting.

Inspect your shed routinely

Next time you go outside to admire your storage shed, take a walk around it to look for signs of damage or pests. The worst approach to shed damage or rotting is to do nothing. Putting off repairs can turn a small issue a huge problem.

Don’t want to deal with maintenance?

Outdoor Storage Shed With Vinyl Siding

One of our custom built outdoor storage sheds with vinyl siding.

If this kind of upkeep sounds like a hassle to you, you may want to choose an outdoor storage shed that requires less maintenance. Here at New England Rent to Own, we offer complete shed customization to fit your unique needs. We build many of our sheds with vinyl siding from Bristol Bay, featuring 19 standard colors to match your home.

As we like to say in the shed business: vinyl is final!

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