Attract Good Vibes to Your Storage Shed With Feng Shui

When was the last time you opened the door to a storage shed and exhaled a relaxed, “Ahh…”? Probably never. A shed typically ends up as a catch-all for less attractive necessities like old buckets and rusty shovels, not a place of tranquility.

Here’s where many shed owners get it wrong: the energy inside your shed does matter. Whether you’re tackling overgrown shrubs and weeds or a snowed-in driveway, searching for the right tools in your shed shouldn’t have you feeling overwhelmed. Getting the feng shui right in your shed will equip you with the balance and harmony needed to overcome any property problem.

How feng shui works

From Chinese, feng shui translates as “wind” and “water”. It’s an ancient art focused on attaining balance and harmony through the arrangement of objects, space, and buildings.

Perhaps you fall into the camp that classifies feng shui as new agey hocus-pocus. Even if you don’t believe in it’s mystical powers, many of its practices are based on organization. And who wouldn’t feel better in an organized space?

Clear away clutter

A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. Sort through items that have accumulated inside your shed and rid yourself of junk – like those old, cracked plant pots you’ve been holding onto “just in case”.

If objects are stacked on top of eachother, it may be difficult to see what’s actually in there. Because of this, it’s best to remove everything from your shed and group items into three categories: keep, donate, and trash. Anything worth selling can be listed on Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace (you’d be surprised how quickly stuff sells on there).

Don’t forget to check inside drawers and boxes! According to feng shui, hidden clutter can still negatively affect the energy inside your shed.

Bring the outside inside

If your shed has windows like some of our custom sheds do, ensure they aren’t obstructed by a big shelf or tools. Natural light isn’t just a mood lifter, it’ll help you see better in there. Leaving the door to your shed open once in a while to circulate the air isn’t a bad idea either.

Make necessary repairs

Squeaky floorboard? Tighten those screws. Siding beginning to rot? It’s high time it was replaced. To get your shed’s feng shui right, fix anything that’s broken both inside and outside.

For more tips on keeping your storage shed in ship-shape, check out our post How to Maintain Your Wooden Outdoor Storage Shed.

Welcome good energy

According to feng shui, energy flows through the front door. Keep the main door to your shed well lit and consider planting a shrub on either side. To encourage the free flow of energy inside, clear clutter away from the entryway.

The front door also represents wealth and should be repaired and painted as needed. Red is a good paint choice as it attracts fortune and luck.

As you can see, you don’t have to start wearing a kimono or sprinkle ceremonial orange peel water around your property to increase balance and harmony. Ready to get your shed even more organized? Stay tuned for next week’s blog post on spring cleaning!

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