8 Easy She Shed Ideas to Get Inspired By: Part 2/2

Imagine it: a quiet place you can read a novel, create art, or chow down on your secret stash of Oreos. If you’ve just read part one of ‘8 Easy She Shed Ideas to Get Inspired By’, you’re already well on your way to designing a she shed of your own. Without further ado, here are a few more she shed ideas to inspire you.

5. Pick a theme

Want more out of your she shed than peace and relaxation? There are an endless number of ways to use your new space.

She shed ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Art studio
  • Private library
  • Scrapbook/craft shack
  • Knitting, weaving, or sewing nook
  • Design studio
  • Theater where you control the clicker
  • Spacious closet
  • Pottery studio
  • Glamping camp
  • Ladies night in
  • Somewhere to play a loud instrument or sing
  • Home office
  • Yoga studio
  • Kitchen or bakery
  • Tiny house for a full time residence
  • Beauty parlor
  • Board game room
  • Separate dining room
  • Music recording studio
  • Getaway cottage that doubles as an extra guest room
  • Writing sanctuary
  • Wine bar
  • Green house
  • Spa with candles and foot soaker tub
  • Dance studio
  • Hideout to catch up on your favorite series
  • Home gym

6. Spruce up the exterior

The difference between a plain old garden shed and a charming she shed are the extra touches. Flower boxes, wind chimes, and a door painted a cheerful color with a wreath can add to your she shed’s charm and character.

For an inviting aroma as you approach your she shed, plant fragrant outdoor flowers. Lilies or lilac bushes are great choices. If you don’t yet have a shed, consider selecting a shed with a porch. A porch is the perfect place to stop and smell the flowers.

7. Plug it in

If you’re using your she shed as a home office or theater, electricity is a must. Even if you deem yourself handy, you may want to consider leaving electrical installation to the professionals. Any size voltage can be dangerous and it’s not worth putting yourself or your family at risk.

Another point to note is that your town or city may have restrictions. Reach out to your local building official to find out if you’ll need a permit.

A big plus of having your she shed positioned close to home: WiFi. Depending on where your shed is located, you may still be able to connect to your home’s internet and save on data.

8. Keep it simple

Don’t stress about creating the perfect she shed. You’re designing a she shed, not an elaborate she palace. The space you’re working with is relatively small. This limits the amount of stuff you can bring inside and keeps your she shed how it should be: an inviting, quaint, little space just for you.

Step aside man caves. It’s time to make way for the she shed movement!

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