4 Reasons to Stop Renting a Storage Unit Immediately

Imagine a wealthy distant relative has just passed away, and for whatever reason he’s decided to leave you his brand new Corvette Stingray. Nice! Sadly, you’re renting an apartment with limited parking. A friend hears of your dilemma and offers to help out. He says he has plenty of room for you to store the car temporarily in his garage.

What a nice friend! But wait… Now he mentions that thieves have broken into his garage many times in the past and have stolen valuables. He’s never home and everyone knows it. Also, he wants a couple hundred a month for storing it. Oh, and if you don’t pay him on time he’s going to claim the Corvette as his own and sell it.

Sound like a bad deal? Well, this is essentially what you’re signing up for when you sign a contract with a storage unit rental company. In case you need more convincing, here are 4 reasons to stop renting a storage unit immediately.

1. Vulnerable to thieves

Thieves typically don’t want a confrontation. That’s why they break into camps during the off-season or when they know a homeowner is away on vacation. What better place for thieves to target than a storage unit full of valuables and without people?

You’d think this would prompt storage unit owners to double down on security, but that isn’t always the case. Try Googling “storage unit break ins” and you’ll see that it’s not an uncommon occurrence. Storage unit security varies significantly depending on the facility since the industry is unregulated and lacks a consistent approach. They may have an attendant on site and units constructed with strong materials, or they may not.

2. Inconvenient to access

Do you really want to drive across town to access your own possessions? Not to mention having to load up and move them out of the storage unit. Unless you own a truck or trailer, this may also require a moving truck rental if you’re taking everything at once.

3. They get expensive quickly

There’s a reason why you see storage unit facilities all over the place; they’re profitable. Renters pay monthly fees and what was going to be a very temporary rental becomes a long term financial drain. Just think: if you pay $150 per month for your storage unit right now, that amounts to $5,400 in just 3 years. And what do you have to show for all that?

4. Valuables can be taken by storage company

Take a close look at your storage unit agreement. What happens if you miss a payment? Chances are, the company you’re renting your unit from has every right to file a lien and sell your items.

An episode of “Storage Wars” makes it clear that unpaid storage fees are secured debt, and storage unit owners aren’t afraid to take your personal belongings to auction. Oh, and don’t forget that you’ll still be liable if there’s a remaining balance.
What’s a person to do?

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