Your Guide to an Old Shed Renovation

Have a weathered shed in your backyard that could use a facelift? Revitalize your shed with an old shed renovation! You may be surprised at the impact it will have not only on the shed itself, but also your property as a whole.

Clean things up

Your first step is to clean your shed out. Not only will this start you off with a clean slate, but you’ll also be less likely to miss areas in need of repairs formerly hidden behind boxes and buckets. Sort through items you no longer want, sweep/vacuum, and consider power washing your shed’s exterior.

Now that you can see what you’re working with, assess the situation. Any rust stains, mold, or rotting? See shingles or floorboards that could use replacing?

Repairs with any old shed renovation depend on the type of shed you have: a plastic shed, metal shed, or wood shed.

Plastic shed renovation

Tears in vinyl sheds are common, especially with New England winters. There are a few options for patching plastic shed tears.

  • Gorilla tape, rub lightly with sandpaper after
  • Welding on a plastic patch (plastic can be taken from less important areas on shed like overhanging pieces or plastic tabs)
  • Vinyl patch kits are also available

It’s important to note that patched areas will be prone to failure under changing temperatures and conditions.

After your patch is in place you can move forward with paint. Yes, painting a vinyl shed is possible! There are paints made specifically for painting plastic and vinyl. Be sure to first prep the area thoroughly by washing with dish soap and water or using a pressure washer.

Metal shed renovation

There isn’t much worse (just ask your neighbors) than a rusty metal shed. You can tackle rust by scraping off damaged paint, applying sealant and a rust neutralizer, and repainting your metal shed. Like vinyl, there are paints made specifically for metal surfaces.

Holes in the roof or walls? Whether by a fallen limb, hail storm, or rust left unattended to, holes can be patched similar to a plastic shed. However, regardless of how stellar your patch job is, the patch will be a weak point in your metal shed.

After cleaning the area surrounding the hole, a metal patch can be attached using urethane sealant. Be sure your patch has an extra two inches overlap all the way around. It can be further secured using pan head sheet metal screws.

Many metal sheds rust in the first place due to a lack of proper ventilation. Now is the best time to add ventilation if that is an issue.

Wood shed renovation

With proper maintenance, a wood storage shed can have an impressive lifespan. Another perk is how easy they are to repair.

If your woodshed has suffered a bit of neglect, no worries! Rotting wood can be cut out, replaced with new boards, and the areas are good as new (not so with plastic and metal patches).

Roof shingle repairs are surprisingly easy when you aren’t balancing on a tall roof. Check out YouTube for tips on replacing asphalt shingles.

Like plastic or metal sheds, you should clean and prep the exterior of your wood shed before painting. You can go with a paint and primer in one to save time, and you may want to look for one that’s fade resistant and mold and mildew resistant.

Too much work?

Maine Made Storage Shed with 2 Windows

Don’t have the time or desire to renovate an old shed? Old shed renovation isn’t for everyone and may just serve as a bandaid. Wood storage sheds are by far the most durable option (there is a reason why we build our homes with wood and not plastic or metal!).

Contact our team of professional shed builders today for a shed that’ll withstand the test of time.

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