Yea or Nay to Storage Shed Skirting

To skirt, or not to skirt, that is the question. If your shed is sitting on blocks, there’s a gap between the bottom of your shed and the ground. While it’s totally fine to leave your shed like this, some people would rather finish it with skirting. Here we’ll delve into the yea’s and nay’s for storage shed skirting.

Yea: Keeps out unwanted visitors

The gap underneath a shed probably looks pretty uninviting to you, but to small children, pets, and common pests like groundhogs it may top their list of places to explore. Storage shed skirting will deter most dogs, but unless you use a strong material, like metal, it is possible for them to bust through. Burying skirting at least a foot underground will help guard against critters that dig.

Nay: Attracts unwanted visitors

At the same time as it keeps out unwanted visitors, it also can attract them. Storage shed skirting creates an enclosed and protected space underneath your shed – just the kind of spot critters like to build their homes in.

Yea: It looks better

Some would argue that a storage shed with skirting simply looks better and more finished. Perhaps it’s even required by the HOA that you’re part of.

Nay: Can create a moisture trap

Any skirting needs proper ventilation to prevent mold issues and the accumulation of excess moisture. A steady flow of moving air helps keep the area below your shed dry and wood from rotting. Rotting wood could compromise your shed’s stability and attracts infestations from pests like termites and ants.

Types of shed skirting

  • Lattice. Lattice skirting can be made from either wood or vinyl. This option provides plenty of ventilation and keeps mold and excess moisture from being an issue. If you prefer the look of lattice but doubt its ability to keep pests out, attach ½ inch hardware cloth behind it.
  • Concrete and cinder blocks. Sturdy, durable, can be more challenging than other options to install. For easier installation, you can use concrete panels but they won’t be as indestructible as concrete blocks.
  • Brick. Brick has a timeless look that can make your storage shed look like it’s on a permanent foundation. While initially more expensive than alternatives like vinyl, brick skirting is sturdy and won’t likely need to be replaced. Faux brick is also available from realistic looking plastic materials and is relatively easy to install.
  • Vinyl. A popular option for storage shed skirting, vinyl is straightforward to repair, rot resistant, affordable, easy to install, and comes in a wide range of styles. Faux brick, stone, and more are also available in vinyl.
Storage Shed Options in Maine

Take a look at these custom built storage sheds at our lot in Chelsea, Maine. We specialize in sheds, camps, horse barns, and garages – all of which look great with or without skirting!

Have you decided whether you’ll say yea or nay to storage shed skirting? We’d love to see the finished product! Send us a photo of your storage shed all finished with skirting, or post it on our Facebook page.

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