Why You Should Definitely Replace That Tarp Shed

Tarp sheds are great at collecting snow, rain, and can even be fantastic kites in the wind… But reliable shelters? Not so much. If you’re currently storing items of value in a tarp building or canvas storage shed, it may be time to think twice and replace that tarp shed.

Not the best looking

Maine Made Shed

Let’s face it, compared to the pine sided beauty shown above, a tarp building leaves much to be desired. It’ll get the job done, for a while at least, but it doesn’t look like a permanent solution. A wood storage shed on the other hand, can be painted or even finished with vinyl to match your home.

If you were to ever sell your home, a wood storage shed is an attractive feature rather than makeshift clutter crowding your backyard.

Moisture becomes trapped inside

A tarp shed can double as your own personal sauna. Unfortunately, tarp buildings are known for collecting rain forest status moisture which leads to mold and mildew growing on the contents of your shed. Once mold has begun to accumulate, it will grow on almost anything. It can even get under paint and ruin some plastics.

To save your moldy tarp shed, you’d have to purchase a new skin, clean the frame with a strong bleach, and recover the shed with new material. Bear in mind that bleach will begin to slowly deteriorate the tarp plastic.

Water collects on the roof

If there is any kind of sag or slack in the roof of your tarp shed, water will begin to collect, causing all kinds of problems. With any tarp shed you should be prepared to check it over daily for slack and other issues.

Tarp sheds can collapse under snow

Tarp buildings just aren’t built for snow and ice like a Maine made wood shed is. You can’t take off for Florida all winter and expect to return to a tarp shed as you left it. You’ll have to keep an eye on the forecast for snow and ensure you’re home to knock the snow off as it begins to pile up. Even with a responsible babysitter, your tarp shed may collapse, breaking support poles and likely damaging the items inside.

Zippers will need replacing

Think about the zippers sewn on your clothes that have randomly stopped working. Now imagine you left those outside, exposed to the elements. The zippers on tarp sheds are known to eventually stop working so expect to replace them if you haven’t already.

Simply not a permanent solution

Wind Damaged Portable Garage

With wind, rain, snow, and ice, tarp sheds just aren’t a permanent solution. Even under blue skies and perfect conditions, eventually UV rays from the sun will cause the fabric to become brittle, deteriorate, and rip.

We’ve heard our share of tarp shed horror stories and have made it our mission to provide a superior solution. Contact us today to order a reliable wood shed or check out the many shed customizations we offer.

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