Tips for Organizing Christmas or Holiday Décor in Your Storage Shed

Are you dreading getting down your Christmas decorations from last year because you were unorganized and shoved them in your shed without much attention?

No judgment here; we’ve all been there. By the time January rolls around, we’re all ready to get on with our lives.

Putting away the holiday decorations isn’t quite as exciting as taking them out, so organization might not be on the top of your list. (In fact, you’re just glad you’re not the last one in the neighborhood to take down your decorations.)

To help make your job easier, we put together some tips to be better prepared for when it’s time to store all of your Christmas decor.

Take inventory

This holiday season, as you get your holiday decorations out of storage, take note of how many containers you need. If you have last minute items thrown haphazardly in Christmas bags or even garbage bags from last season, now is the perfect time to pay attention to what needs reorganizing.

Clear containers are ideal, so you and your family can see every decoration inside. If you don’t have clear containers, detailed labels are another excellent way to stay organized.

Clear a dedicated space

After your decorations have been put up, take the opportunity to clear or clean up any space that should be dedicated specifically to your holiday decor. Areas that are high or out of the way tend to be the best spots for items used sparingly, like once a year.

If your storage shed has a loft or overhead space, this is the perfect option. Shelving units are also an excellent way to keep your shed organized and a great place for storage containers.

Use paper wisely

When you start putting everything away after the season is over, don’t throw out the paper.

Wrapping paper is a perfect way to protect breakable items. This year, instead of tossing the tissue and wrapping paper, utilize them to help carefully store all of your glass ornaments or glass decorations.

Untangle the Christmas lights

You already know the colossal headache it was trying to untangle all of those Christmas lights.

Try saving some of the cardboard boxes from the gifts or the tubes from wrapping paper and use them to wind the Christmas lights around. This will save you a lot of time and space when storing.

Organize decor by groups

When dissembling everything and putting it back into your storage shed, put items into groups: your outdoor decorations, indoor decorations, and any other categories you may have (such as Christmas tree ornaments, etc.).

Next year, when you start pulling items out for the holiday season, you’ll be glad you took the time to group them.

Get prepared this year as you decorate, then clean up and reorganize your décor to better prepare for next season. Getting more organized with the decorations stored in your shed will make the job less of a headache. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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