Shed DIY Backup Hideout for Disaster Preparedness

If you’ve ever watched the show Doomsday Bunkers, there’s no doubt you’ve thought over how handy it would be to have your own backup hideout for disaster preparedness. While it’s possible these mega wealthy doomsday preppers are just looking for new ways to spend their fortunes… maybe, just maybe, they have the right idea.

The COVID-19 epidemic is enough to have even the most level headed of us thinking about emergency prep. Nobody could have imagined a month ago we’d be waiting in long grocery lines, hunting for toilet paper, and eyeing fellow shoppers with suspicion. If any good comes from this situation, it has woken us up to the reality of how quickly society as we know it can crumble.

There’s no better time than now to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Natural disasters

Emergency Shelter Shed

A work in progress, he’s putting power, water, and a sleeping platform in his DIY backup hideout.

Take a look at how one man converted his garden shed into an earthquake emergency shelter. After a tree blew across his driveway knocking out power to his home, he decided to make his own shed backup hideout. Full story here.

Shed Hideout

Check out what appears to be a SUNNERSTA mini kitchen from Ikea – perfect size for a shed hideout! Another handy Ikea shed hack for the win.

Image caption: Check out what appears to be a SUNNERSTA mini kitchen from Ikea – perfect size for a shed hideout! Another handy Ikea shed hack for the win.

While earthquakes aren’t a big concern living in New England, you never know what nature will throw our way and you can always expect a few Nor’easters in the mix. Whether a tree falls on your house, you lose power, or you need somewhere discreet to hide in a zombie apocalypse… look no further than a storage shed.

Can be put in places a house can’t

Have a bit of land tucked in the woods a stone’s throw from Canada or alongside a beautiful Maine lake? A shed would make for the perfect backup hideout in a hard to find location. Our wood storage sheds and camps with porches are built by a team of carpenters and we can help you select a size for your situation.

Shipping Maine Wood Sheds

Another one of our Maine-made sheds heading off to it’s forever home.

Plus… free delivery! Our experienced delivery drivers have seen it all. If you’re wondering if we can get a shed to your property, give us a call, email, or Facebook message and we’d be happy to chat.

Affordable disaster preparedness

Most of us can’t afford a luxury bunker like those shown on Doomsday Bunkers. That doesn’t mean you don’t have options to keep you and your family safe. Here at New England Rent to Own, we’re committed to putting high quality shed ownership within reach of just about anyone. Our unique rent to own payment program has helped folks like yourself all over Maine, New England, and beyond.

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