How to Turn Your Storage Shed into a Boathouse for Kayaks, Canoes & Paddle Boats

Storage location is key when it comes to keeping your boat in great shape. It’s important to keep your small boat out of the elements when it’s not in use, but you also need plenty of room.

With a bit of ingenuity, you’ll be able to find the perfect place for safely storing your canoe, paddle boat, or kayak!

Where can you store your kayak, canoe, or paddle boat?

As a boat owner, you know that keeping your vessel in the water or in the elements is a big no-no. That’s why it’s essential to pick a spot to store it that doesn’t have too much direct sunlight, as this can cause your boat to crack or discolor over time. Moisture and extreme temperatures should also be avoided where possible, as this can lead to damage like paint flaking off or warping.

However, a secure storage shed can provide the perfect solution for keeping your kayak, canoe, or paddle boat safe and sound. Additionally, if you’re pressed for space, consider storing your small boat on wall-mounted racks or overhead storage solutions.


Do you have a storage shed that gets little to no use? If so, why not convert it into a boathouse for your kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats? It’s a great way to make use of the space while also providing a safe place to store your vessels. Here’s why a storage shed can be the perfect boathouse:

  • Protect your boat from the elements: Boats are expensive, and you don’t want to risk damage from weather or insects.
  • Keep your boat safe from theft: If you currently keep your small boat out in the open, storing your boat in your shed will make it less likely to be stolen.
  • Stay clean and organized: No more having to worry about cleaning your boat off before every use or wondering where all your boating accessories are!


Ready to convert your existing shed? Here are five simple steps to turn your boring storage shed into an amazing boathouse.

Step 1: Clear Out the Shed

Before you begin converting your shed into a boathouse, it’s important to clear out all existing items in the shed. This will give you ample room to work with and create whatever type of boathouse design you have in mind.

Ensure you keep some space clear too; consider leaving some space around the perimeter of the kayak, canoe, or paddleboat so that you can easily reach all sides. This will allow you to not only strap or tie down the boat when you’re ready, but also be able to affix any locks or cables needed for additional security properly. Additionally, having more space will ensure that dust and dirt don’t accumulate on the boat while it’s in storage, keeping it in great shape for when it’s time to go out paddling again!

Step 2: Paint the Interior

Once you’ve cleared out the shed, it’s time to paint the interior walls (if needed). The best type of paint for this job is designed for internal use, such as oil-based enamel or latex paint. You can choose any color you like — just ensure it won’t fade over time when exposed to sunlight or moisture.

Step 3: Install Shelving and Hangers

Now that you’ve painted the interior walls of your boathouse, it’s time to install shelves and hangers so that you can store all of your paddling gear. If your budget allows for it, consider installing wall-mounted shelves and hangers from floor to ceiling to maximize storage space and keep items off the ground where they’re more susceptible to water damage.

Step 4: Install Lighting

For your new boathouse to be functional during nighttime (or even darker days), it’s essential to install lighting fixtures inside the shed. Opt for LED bulbs that provide bright light without consuming too much energy. Additionally, consider adding motion sensors to automatically turn on lights whenever someone enters or exits the shed.

Step 5: Add Finishing Touches

Now that all of the significant work has been completed on your boathouse conversion project, it’s time to add some finishing touches! Consider investing in weather stripping around windows and doors to prevent water leaks during storms or heavy rains.

And finally, don’t forget about decorating — hang artwork or photos on the walls and other decorations that make sense within a boathouse setting!

With these steps in mind, anyone can turn their storage shed into a fantastic boathouse for their kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats! Using existing space and resources such as lighting fixtures and shelving units installed along walls, you can create a safe environment for storing your paddling equipment without breaking the bank.

Converting your existing storage shed into a boathouse will ensure you keep your vessel safe, clean, and dry so it’s ready to enjoy when it’s time. With these simple tips in mind, you’ll be able to convert your shed in no time!

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