How to Turn Your Backyard Shed into a Fall Sanctuary

There aren’t many places more magical than New England in autumn… Apple picking, hay rides, pumpkins, and the vibrant foliage give us something to look forward to after a short-lived summer. Your backyard shed may just provide you with another reason to immerse yourself in the season. With a few extra touches, you can turn your backyard shed into a fall sanctuary in no time!

Start with a solid shed

What state is your current shed in? Does it need a little TLC and maintenance? Perhaps it’s in disrepair and leaves aren’t the only thing about to fall. If you dream of your own private cabin tucked away in the woods, look no further than our camps with porches. Like a cottage from a fairy tale, each of our camps include a porch ideal for admiring the fall leaves. Just step onto your porch to inhale the crisp fall air.

Solid Shed for the Maine Fall

One of our Maine made backyard sheds amidst the fall leaves.

Install window boxes

Install Window Boxes on a Shed

If you want that storybook look, window boxes are a must. Window boxes aren’t just for summer flowers either. Add fall decor like pumpkins or a garland of fall leaves and you won’t have to worry about planting or watering like flowers require.

Showcase your fall harvest

Get crafty with a wreath made from corn and husks or add whole corn stalks to plant pots beside your door. Overwhelmed with an overabundance of pumpkins this year? Surround your shed with pumpkins! Stack them on crates, railings, hang up the smaller ones – it will make for an impressive display. Invite friends to pick their own pumpkin from your mini pumpkin farm.

Pot fall flowers

Place potted fall flowers on your shed’s porch for a touch of color. Chrysanthemums, otherwise known as mums, are a classic flower for fall in New England. These late bloomers come in yellow, white, purple and burgundy – a nice contrast to all those orange pumpkins.

Drape garlands

In addition to in your window boxes, overflowing fall themed garlands will give your backyard shed an enchanted effect. These could be made by stringing fall leaves, pinecones, vines, burlap, or you could purchase one already made from a home decor store like Hobby Lobby. Garlands made with non-perishable materials can be brought out again next fall.
Host an autumn harvest dinner

Invite a few friends to an intimate harvest dinner on the porch of your shed or with it as a backdrop. String lights and candles will make it all the more magical and you can retreat inside if the air gets chilly. This might be your last chance to spend an evening outdoors before the cold moves in for the winter!

The only unfortunate fact about fall is that it doesn’t last long! Enjoy the season from your backyard shed before you find yourself in the midst of yet another New England winter.

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