How to Keep Your Shed Secure: 6 Ways to Protect Your Shed (and Belongings)

Like many, you probably use your backyard shed to store valuable items like lawnmowers, bicycles, and tools. But did you know that sheds — and your possessions — can also be easy targets for thieves?

In this post, we’ll share six ways to keep your shed and your belongings safe and secure. Read on to learn more.

1. Window units

If you have a window air conditioning unit in your shed, it’s essential to be aware of the security risk. Burglars can easily remove the unit from the outside of your shed and gain access to your belongings.

To ensure your shed is more secure, consider adding brackets that fasten the unit to the window that make it far more difficult to remove it.

2. Location

If a thief doesn’t know your storage shed exists, they are far less likely to look for it.

Before choosing a location for your storage shed, think about whether it has high visibility to outsiders. For example, can you see your shed from the street?

Consider putting your shed in the backyard behind your privacy fence, behind your home, or another spot with an obstructed view.

3. Hinges

Exposed or old hinges are a prime target for being ripped out of the wall or unscrewed, allowing perfect access to all your belongings. However, hinge issues are easy to fix.

Replace your old hinges with more secure ones, such as carriage bolt hinges or another option that is long with a flat head, making them hard to remove. Another option is to use hinges with unremovable pins.

4. Lights

A well lit area is the easiest and most efficient way to keep the unwanted company from snooping around. Install motion sensor lights around both the front and back of your shed.

5. Cameras

Whether you opt fake or real ones, cameras are excellent ways to keep burglars from targeting your shed. When thieves come to scope out your shed and notice the cameras, they’re more likely to stay away.

6. Access

Whether you’ve had contractors working in and around your house or a new lawn mowing company working the grounds, it’s a good idea that after the day is done and everyone has gone home, make a pass through your shed and make sure the windows are locked and the doors are closed tight.

As much as we like to think the best about people, untoward intentions can happen from some of the most trusted people.

There are many more ways to keep your shed secure, including checking for weakness in the structure, covering the windows from peepers, and making sure the locks are doing their jobs.

Keep these tips in mind, whether you’re looking for a new storage shed or want to make sure your current one is as secure as possible.

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