Here’s Why Customers Prefer Our Storage Shed Company

Choose a bad restaurant for dinner? Don’t go back. Experience poor customer service at the hardware store? Buy that hammer and nails elsewhere. Working with the wrong storage shed company? You may have a bigger problem on your hands…

A shed is an investment that will be on your property for years to come, it’s important to get it right the first time! If you’re debating which storage shed company to work with, allow us to make the choice a bit easier. Here’s why customers choose our storage shed company over competitors time and time again.

We won’t leave you hanging

After hunting down a local storage shed company online, you find yourself clicking around a laggy website searching for a phone number and business hours. When it finally loads, of course they’ve just closed for the day and you’ll have to call tomorrow. You call the following day, only to reach someone’s personal voicemail. You leave a message and wait days with no response…

Do they even want your business? Here at New England Rent to Own, we want it and it shows! Our team lives in the 21st century, which means we use Facebook messenger and text just like you do. Whatever your preferred means of communication, we’re happy to chat.

We deliver… For free!

Constructing a high quality storage shed is only half the battle. It’s important to choose a storage shed company with experienced drivers on staff that will deliver and unload your new shed without incident. Positioning sheds on a property can be tricky and is best left to those with experience.

Another biggie: Our delivery guys love their jobs. Don’t worry about them rushing the delivery, they will do what it takes to make you happy!

Delivering Sheds in Snow

A little snow never scares our delivery crew.

We take pride in our work

Our outdoor sheds are built to stand the test of time. We want you to look at your shed years from now and love it just as much as when you first saw it. Each and every one of our Maine-made sheds can be customized to fit your unique needs and are built with high quality pine siding – competitors use plywood!

We understand that you want your shed ASAP

We’re always working to make our construction process more efficient and recently expanded our team of carpenters to do just that. If you want to speed up the delivery of your shed, request a quote today so we can get the ball rolling!

We work with your budget

Don’t overcrowd your home or waste money on a storage unit because you think you can’t afford a shed! Our storage shed company offers a no credit check rent to own program. All rentals can be paid off and converted into a purchase with no penalty at anytime.

Another happy shed customer!

Another happy customer! Photo courtesy of Laurie Pag

See for yourself what sets our storage shed company apart from the rest! Contact one of our friendly sales representatives today.

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