Fall is in the air… Time to prepare your garden shed

Sigh… It felt like just yesterday that summer began in Maine. Summer technically lasts three months, but we all know how fleeting warm weather is in New England. Flannels, apple picking, and pumpkin spiced lattes may not be your thing, but fall’s coming whether we like it or not.

While we can’t mentally prepare you for fall, we can give you tips to prepare your garden shed for the upcoming season.

Take everything out

Interior of a New England Rent To Own Shed
No doubt you’ll be using some of the items within your shed to prepare your property for another long winter in New England, the last thing you need is to waste time hunting for tools. Make life easier on yourself by taking an inventory of your garden shed now and set aside tools that will come in handy in the near future, like a rake for all those fall leaves.

Perhaps you hung on to some things thinking you might use them this summer. By now it’s clear if that ended up happening – if not, time to donate or toss.

Clean it up

Now that everything’s out, take the opportunity to clean the interior of your garden shed. If you already tackled spring cleaning in your garden shed this year, it won’t be necessary to get too nitpicky. Sweeping, wiping the windows, and some light dusting will get you by until next spring. As you’re cleaning, open the doors and windows to allow the fresh air to flow through.

Show pests they’re not welcome

Your shed is an all too tempting retreat for critters to spend their winter vacation. The main culprits – groundhogs, raccoons, and rodents – may continue being active throughout much of the winter and can inflict some serious damage on your garden shed. Cleaning your shed can go a long way in making it a bit less attractive to pests, but sealing cracks and crevices is the most important step.

Inspect the exterior

Besides filling cracks and crevices, don’t forget the following to prepare the outside of your garden shed for the season:

  • Clear debris from the base and sides of your shed. It’s important to keep the air gap free from obstructions.
  • If your have gutters installed on your garden shed, clear them of leaves.
  • Check your windows and apply sealant if needed.
  • Repair the roof of your garden shed if there is any damage. It’ll need to be in ship shape to weather the snow and ice on its way.
  • If your garden shed has wood siding, apply a wood treatment to prevent rot.

Time for an upgrade? Order your new garden shed before the snow flies

Has your garden shed seen better days? Maybe you’d prefer something with more resilience like a shed with vinyl siding. At New England Rent to Own, each of our sheds are built by New Englanders, for New Englanders. We’ve seen our share of Maine winters and construct our sheds to withstand all Mother Nature can throw our way! Get in touch with one of our friendly customer service representatives before the snow falls.

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