Convert a Shed into a DIY Wine Cellar in 5 Steps

Stuck at home amidst COVID? There’s no better time to develop your wine palette. If you’re like most wine connoisseurs, that wine rack in your kitchen just isn’t cutting it. Fortunately, the perfect place to home your collection may already be in your backyard. Here’s how you can convert a shed into your own DIY wine cellar in 5 steps.

1. Insulate shed walls

Preventing moisture and air from entering and escaping your DIY wine cellar is key to preserving the quality of your collection. Insulate the floor, walls, and ceiling and install a vapor barrier in your shed. To prevent condensation, the vapor barrier should be added on the warm side of your insulation.

2. Add a heating and cooling system

For a wine cellar even the most sophisticated sommelier will approve of, an HVAC system is a must. Install one to keep your shed within the recommended wine storage temperature of 55°F to 57°F and around a humidity level of 60%. This will allow your wine to mature and reduce mold growth. A temperature and humidity sensor is also helpful in monitoring the environment within your DIY wine cellar. There are even sensors that connect to WiFi and Bluetooth, allowing you to check in on your shed without setting foot inside.

3. Reduce natural light

Sunlight within your wine cellar should be avoided as UV lights can destroy the tannins in wine, making it age prematurely. If you’re able to choose, select a shady spot for your shed and install light-blocking shades over windows. Many of our storage sheds and cabins here at New England Rent to Own are available without windows altogether. To improve visibility and better showcase the wines in your collection, you may want to install recessed lighting.

4. Create an ambience

Wine cellar shed

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For a wine cellar that’s a step above basic storage, take the time for those extra touches. As mentioned above, ever-popular recessed lighting will put a spotlight on your collection. You could even go all out by hanging a chandelier. Strips of color changing LED lights can be added to shelves and controlled via Bluetooth – like these ones available on Amazon for under $30.

Depending on the size of your shed, a little nook with hip seating will make your DIY wine cellar all the more inviting. Most importantly, the shelving for storing wine itself can be so much more than your standard wine rack. There are an endless number of IKEA hacks online – IKEA hacks for sheds are no exception. Get inspired with a few of these wine storage ideas using IKEA units.

5. Secure your wine cellar

Is it wine-o-clock yet? Almost. Once word spreads about your fantastic DIY wine cellar, you’ll want to be sure unwelcome visitors are kept at bay. A simple padlock is better than nothing, but it would be wise to fit an alarm and motion sensor as well.

Now that you’ve converted your shed into a DIY wine cellar, there’s nothing left to do but see, swirl, sniff, sip, and savor. Cheers!

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