Best Siding for Shed: Vinyl, Stained Wood, or Painted?

A shed without the right siding is like a bag of tortilla chips without salsa: it’ll get the job done but something’s missing. Shed siding not only enhances the aesthetics of your shed, it better protects the items held inside from the elements. Allow us to help you choose between vinyl, stained wood, and painted wood and zero in on the best siding for your shed.


Is property maintenance a labor of love, or a thorn in your side? Here at New England Rent to Own, our sheds are built with superior pine siding (competitors use plywood) which many customers showcase with a stain. It has a beautiful wood grain and blends with most properties. However, without maintenance, it is possible for any wood to warp or rot.

While it varies depending on your location and exposure to the elements, stained shed siding should generally be redone every two to three years, and painted shed siding every five to ten years. When done yourself, staining or painting an average sized shed is a relatively inexpensive undertaking that can be done in less than a day.

For those with the belief that the only acceptable maintenance is no maintenance, vinyl is final. Each of our sheds can be finished with Vinyl from Bristol Bay with 19 standard colors to match your home.

Outdoor shed with vinyl siding

One of our sheds with Vinyl from Bristol Bay.


A shed’s purpose extends far beyond storage for rakes and shovels. Perhaps you’re using your shed as a playhouse, man cave, or she shed. Even a humble garden shed can boost home value if built properly. As we mentioned, many of our customers choose a stain to showcase their shed’s pine siding. Stain protects and shows the beauty of the wood underneath while paint covers it completely.

It’s also wise to take the style of your home into consideration. Features that match or complement your home will keep your new shed from sticking out like a sore thumb. If your house has vinyl siding, you may want to go with vinyl shed siding on your shed as well. While you don’t have to match the color of your home exactly, your shed’s siding should pair well with it.

Complete Stained Shed

Check out this 14 x 30 beauty with stained shed siding and a steel entry door. Complete with four insulated windows, house wrap, an insulated floor, insulated walls, electrical ran and a pair of gable vents.

Water Resistance

Each of our sheds are built right here in New England by carpenters that understand how tough a nor’easter can be. The right shed siding will provide extra protection for an already durable structure.

If your shed will be placed in a harsh environment, the best siding for you may be the one with the greatest level of water resistance. Do you live in an extremely wet or windy area? Will your shed be on a hill without the cover of trees? We all know repairs for water damage are time consuming and can be pricey – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Still not quite sure? Every situation is unique and sometimes it’s best to consult a professional! Our friendly shed experts are here to help. We encourage you to give us a call, email, or reach out via Facebook.

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