5 Design Ideas for Your Next Glamping Camp

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So you like the idea of camping, but don’t really want to “rough it”? It’s high time you explored a glamping camp! Glamping has the best of both worlds: an escape from everyday life without sacrificing the the luxuries of home. Read on for 5 ideas that will inspire you to bring some glamp to your camp.

1. Tucked away bed

Maine Glamping Camping Bed

Photo courtesy of @upcountryliving

What better way to doze in your glamping camp than in this dreamy bed? A tucked away bed would be a cinch to recreate in your cabin. Simply find yourself a mattress and bed frame that fits, place a mattress atop a pallet, or get fancy and custom build a bed frame to fit your dimensions.

However you get a bed in your camp, the key to this cozy look is the curtains. Pop a tension rod with curtains above your bed and voila – an inviting place to sleep or curl up with a book.

2. Attached pergola

Glamp Camp Pergola

Photo courtesy of Outrigger Landscaping

Create a magical atmosphere that extends past the walls of your cabin. A pergola will provide you with shade during the day and a beautiful spot to hang lights after dark. Even better? You can buy pergola kits for as little as $400!

3. Furniture and decor

Decor Glamp CampIt wouldn’t be glamping if style was overlooked. Adding elegant furniture and decor is what seperates a rustic cabin in the woods from a truly glamorous getaway. Try a second hand store for an eclectic (and budget-friendly) makeover.

4. Lavatory

Glamping Cabin Outhouse
The not so glamorous side of glamping: toilets. If you plan on retreating to your camp in the woods for days, eventually nature calls. You could take a few different approaches to this:

1. Outhouse

For those who’d like some privacy while on their throne, a separate outhouse is a promising solution. Besides requiring more planning and effort to build, keep in mind that someone will also need to empty it on occasion.

2. Portable toilet

You can get a decent portable toilet for under $100. Keeping your toilet behind a curtain will add a touch of privacy and hide a not so glamorous necessity. Most hold about 5 gallons of waste so if you plan on maxing it out before emptying it, ensure you’re able to lift the weight (and have rubber gloves on hand).


If option #1 and #2 sound like too much effort for your #1’s and #2’s, a good old bucket will do the job.

5. Welcoming porch

Create a wooden playhouse for kids with a storage shed!

Take a look at this wooden playhouse we built recently. Photo credit: Elaine Smith

Relax, sip your morning coffee, and wake up to the sounds of nature on your glamping camp’s front porch. As nice as the inside of your camp may be, sometimes you just need to step outside and enjoy the view.

Porches are a must-have addition to any small camp – at least our customers certainly think so. Our team at New England Rent to Own has proudly built custom wood camps with porches right here in Maine for years.

To step up your glamp game with a beautiful, custom wood camp, give us a shout! We’re excited to make your glamping dreams a reality.

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