5 Considerations to Keep Your New Year Health Resolution With An At-Home Gym

As the New Year rolls around, many of us vow to eat healthier and start a workout routine. Perhaps you’ve even gone as far as joining a gym or buying some workout equipment. But going to the gym can be a struggle and the new equipment might be taking up way too much space in your already-cramped living area.

Fear not; we have a perfect solution that will help you stick to your healthy New Year Resolution: turn your storage shed or garage into an at-home gym!

It makes perfect sense. With a bit of effort and investment, you can create the ideal space to work out and get fit before summer comes.


The convenience of having a gym in your backyard is immeasurable. Instead of trying to work out in your living room (where you’re constantly distracted) or promising yourself that you’ll get up earlier to go to the gym before work, why not bring the gym to you?

Here are a few more benefits of using your shed as a gym:

  • Cut out transportation time to and from a gym.
  • Get the feeling you are “going” somewhere and getting out of your house.
  • No monthly gym membership payments.
  • Sheds can be easily transformed to a gym with some minor updates and equipment.
  • You can make it however you want: from a yoga studio to cardio castle to weight lifting room.


Here are 5 considerations to keep your new year health resolution with an at-home gym.

1. Plan out the workout space.

First, figure out what will work for you and meet your needs. Consider mapping out your equipment and the floor space needed. You want everything easily accessible, or you might be discouraged from using it.

Don’t forget to look up! Not only do you need space horizontally, but some equipment — like a stair stepper — also requires a decent amount of headroom. Even exercises with little to no equipment, such as jumping rope, require high ceilings.

Our 10 x 20 shed is perfect for a good amount of equipment, like an elliptical, treadmill, or rowing machine, just to name a few.

2. Don’t skip the flooring.

Work out equipment is heavy and your floors will be put through a lot, so flooring in an at-home gym is extremely important to take note of.

Don’t skimp; make sure to reinforce your flooring and put down protective mats. It all comes down to personal preference, but we recommend putting down some foam or tiles that have some grip.

3. Consider location.

Location of your at-home gym is also essential. Some things you might consider are:

What time of day you will be working out, and will you have a window?
What will your view be?
Also, if you plan to have music playing, is your gym in a location that could disturb the neighbors or your family?

One of the many great features of an at-home gym in a shed is that you can choose exactly where you want it to go on your property.

4. Consider power.

Another decision you’ll need to make is whether you choose to power your at-home gym with electricity.

For those of us in the great Northeast, choosing not to power an exercise shed would mean being unable to use it throughout the colder months (unless you opt for a safe, stand alone space heater). Additionally, there are many machines (like treadmills) that require the use of electricity to operate.

If you do choose to power your shed, be sure to place it close to an existing power source.

5. Don’t forget venting and insulation.

Last, but certainly not least, are ventilation and insulation. Ventilation is essential to keep foul odors from lingering in your gym. In a smaller space (like a shed), this will be vital for keeping your workout area smelling its best both during and after exercise.

Meanwhile, insulation will help with climate control (which will keep electricity costs down), while also stopping moisture from ruining your expensive equipment.

An at-home gym in your shed is the perfect way to get a convenient workout space in the comfort of your own home, while keeping the weights and equipment out of your living area. Plus, by installing a gym in your shed, you’ll be that much closer to keeping your New Year Resolution this year!

And for a high quality outdoor shed in Maine, check out our selection!

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