4 Tips to Choose a Storage Shed to Convert Into a Car Garage

Is your garage being used for something other than storing your vehicles? Maybe it’s where you’ve stashed all of your kids’ belongings or you converted your garage to a gym.

Whatever you’re using your garage for, you now need to find a solution for keeping your vehicles out of the elements.

How about using a shed instead? While it may seem like an unlikely solution, a shed is actually a perfect way to continue using your garage for storage, while simultaneously keeping your vehicle free out of any rain, wind, hail, or snow.

How can you choose a storage shed that will be converted into a car garage? It may be more simple than you think…and we have four tips to help you do it.

For starters, choosing the right shed that will be used for a car garage comes down to four main factors: budget, durability, installation process, and aesthetics. Let’s break each one down.

1. Budget

First and foremost, you have to decide how much you’re willing to pay for a car storage shed. Storage sheds have a huge range in pricing; you can go as low as $300 to as high as $7,500.

With a price point in hand, you can narrow down options much more quickly. So start with a budget in mind to determine which storage sheds are going to fit into your unique price point.

2. Durability

For the most durable structure, it’s ideal for the garage door to be built into the frame. Be sure to have a list of potential garage doors (including measurements) as you start your shed search.

Additionally, wooden prefabricated car storage sheds are the sturdiest and most structurally sound. These types of car sheds come with a load-bearing floor and don’t have to be anchored into a slab. Even though they will still need to be installed on a level gravel pad and have some anchors, they don’t depend on this for durability.

Also, where you live matters. If you live in New England, where winters can be harsh, you’ll want to have sides on your garage to make sure snow and ice aren’t blowing in on your vehicle.

3. Installation

Wooden car sheds get built off-site, then delivered and installed for you. While a tent-style car shed is very easy to install and has minimal requirements, shed companies often handle wooden shed installation themselves. So you can sit back while we do all the work. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

However, if you decide on a metal car shed, you will need a concrete slab ready for the assembly.

Regardless of the type of shed you choose, it’s certainly important to determine the best location for your shed. Give yourself plenty of room, keep the shed close to the driveway, and find a spot that’s flat.

4. Aesthetic

Now that you’ve narrowed down the logistics of choosing your car storage shed, you can focus on the outward appearance. How important is the overall style of your new car garage?

Some people want their car garage to match their house, while others might enjoy a more eclectic look. With wooden and metal prefabricated sheds, you can choose any style you desire. Sheds can be customized from the floor to the roof!

A car storage shed is a perfect solution to housing your vehicle. They can be relatively inexpensive, and you can have them delivered right to your home and installed.

Plus, if a larger car storage shed is out of the budget, you can always buy a smaller storage shed to clear out your home garage. At NERTO, we’re happy to answer any of your questions and help you find the right solution.

Looking for the right car storage shed? We can help you find the right shed today!

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