3 Must-Haves in Sheds For Sale in Maine

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With an average annual snowfall of 60-110 inches, storage sheds in Maine need to be built to stand up against both nor’easters and critters in search of winter homes. We’ve built our share of sheds and have seen what works best for customers across New England. If you’re looking for sheds for sale in Maine, there are a few boxes to check before making a purchase.

1. The shed can keep out animals – big and small.

Tight & secure shed to keep pests out

No pest entrances inside this shed!

Unless you’re a modern-day Noah, I doubt you want to welcome critters two by two into your storage shed. Unfortunately, if your shed has any weaknesses you can be sure animals will find them.

There are a number of steps you can take to ward off intruders. The most important one is to start with a storage shed that’s built with sturdy materials and without crevices. Did you know that an adolescent mouse can slip through a hole the size of a pen? Even as an adult, a mouse can squeeze through a dime sized hole. Inspect the shed you’re considering and look to see that it’s built to keep rodents out.

If you would like to take your critter-proofing even further, dig a trench around the perimeter of your shed and bury metal mesh. Be sure to choose mesh with holes no more than ¾ inch wide. Galvanized metal is also preferable to prevent rusting and disintegration.

2. The shed will withstand Maine winters.

You know those budget sheds? Well, you get what you pay for. Often they’re constructed using light gauge metal with minimum supports holding up the roof panels. If you’re considering these kind of sheds for sale in Maine, be very realistic about your expectations.

Light duty storage sheds may hold up just fine down south where they’re free from snowfall, but the same can’t be said for those used in New England. Heavy snow can weigh down your shed roof resulting in warped roof panels. Eventually, this will cause your shed to take in water and I need not explain what that means.

High quality materials are definitely a must-have in all longstanding sheds for sale in Maine. Sturdy pine siding will withstand snowstorms and minimize maintenance. Ensure that your shed also has water resistant floors and a fully trussed roof.

Maine White Pine Lumber to build storage sheds

We love working with Maine white pine lumber!

3. The shed has plenty of room to store seasonal items.

Living in Maine, chances are that you’re planning to store more than a few rakes and holiday decorations. Throughout the warmer months, you’ll likely need a lawn mower, weed wacker, seed, fertilizer, and more. In the winter, your snowblower, shovel, salt, and patio furniture are just a few items that will need a home.

When browsing sheds for sale in Maine, be sure you’ve considered what size you’ll need to fit both the items you own now and items you may purchase in the future. Check out our recent post on shed organization for some ideas on how to store more of those seasonal items.

Another important point to consider is the size of your shed’s entrance. Not only should you have plenty of clearance around equipment stored inside your shed, you should also have room to enter and exit without much maneuvering. The same goes for the ramp leading into your shed.

Custom sturdy ramp for storage shed

This customer will have no problem putting his lawnmower away with the custom sturdy ramp we built.

Creatures and nor’easters make Maine a tough place to keep a storage shed up to par. Choosing a high-quality shed from the outset is the best way to avoid a shed in shambles come springtime.

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